is dedicated to exposing:

  1. Helping Victims of Internet Defamation reduce the damage done to their careers, businesses, and families.
  2. Prosecutorial Misconduct and Bureaucrats who overstep their mandates.
  3. Fallacious Journalists and editors in the mainstream media, who engage in “media manipulation”.
    1. This malfeasance is often motivated by the prospect of financial gain through increased advertising revenue, due to the number of “page views” their sensational articles receive, or in more pernicious examples, due to “payoffs” by special-interest groups or corporate bribes.
    2. Alternatively, inaccurate attack pieces published by some journalists is simply a result of their inability to find any truth that is worth writing about. In order to keep their jobs, or to satisfy their own egos, they will often resort to turning fiction into fact to sell newspapers. Often at the expense of innocent people with clean hands. Controversy sells newspapers, controversy generates “page views” on websites.

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    Fight back against the modern education system which creates slaves to what they read on the Internet & the mainstream media, rather than thinking for themselves. This book teaches teens & adults how to recognize twisted truth when they see it, and demolish arguments & false allegations of unethical journalists and liars is general.