REPORT: Volkswagen has a Google Search mess! It turns out that an opponent is practicing immoral ploys to repel prospective and current clients from doing business with Volkswagen. Until there are vital reforms to the U.S cyber laws that currently make it possible for rampant anonymous defamation, Volkswagen has a few remedies to decrease the damage this libel is creating.

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Simply submit a your business or individual name here to see how defamatory search results can be overpowered, enter “Volkswagen Reviews” for example:

This real life example explains how a floundering DC Area dealership remedied the defamation, resulting in $30K per month in before tax profits

Free DIY Libel Suppression Tips.’s consultants have published some DIY ideas at

Construct a Social Networking Buffer for Volkswagen :

Social Buffer and Social Firewall are detailed here.
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