VICTIM: Steve Sybesma Responds to Smear Campaign and 2006 Allegations

In Redacted Revolt on January 19, 2014 at 1:42 pm


I forgave the original poster 14 months after the ripoff report was posted and beyond the one year statute of limitations for taking legal action.

I am being damaged because Ed Magedson never removes ugly, libelous posts no matter what…even if they have been retracted, such as mine which was retracted by the original poster back in 2009. Steve Sybesma

Someday, things will be made right and the sin of Ed Magedson will be realized and whatever value he did provide through Ripoff Report may well be overwhelmed by the amount of evil he caused in trying to extract money from his innocent victims in order to mitigate (but not remove) false reports.

I am powerless to do anything about it, due to the so-called “Communications Decency Act” law protecting Ed Magedson from having to remove it (but it doesn’t prevent him from removing it either).

Hopefully you see this and don’t give any credence to the libelous Ripoff Report post made against me in October 2006.

That posting apparently could tarnish me for life unless a patient and fair-minded person bothers to read past the title of the post.

I never paid Ed Magedson a cent, and never will.

Steve Sybesma

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