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Review on D.V.M Samuel W Meyer

I do not apologize for the riches I have. I was born into a wealthy household, who looked after me well. They decided I was deserving of the trust in becoming the single beneficiary for my grandfather’s estate. I don’t waste my money, I’m actually quite mindful with it. Having said that, when Dr. Samuel W Meyer evaluated me in front of my housekeeper, and his veterinarian personnel, I couldn’t take it any longer. He accused me of being egocentric, trying to prolong the lifespan of my dog who was in the last stages of cancer. Another vet in Philadelphia guaranteed me I could get an additional two weeks of precious time with my dog, and that she might be able to manage his pain although he’d be very drowsy. She even said she could arrange a helicopter airlift. Dr. Meyer said that he could not do the same on moral grounds, who is he to say that my dog would enjoy 2 more weeks with me, even if medicated and attached to a life support machine? After all, Love is Love!!!!!!!!

Dr. Samuel W Meyer could have made plans to get clearance for the landing, but he held back. He stated he was rejecting the demand on grounds that relocating my pet would be the same as cruelty to animals. He pressured me to let Byron rest, which did nothing for his health. He gradually fell away over the following three days.

I would never recommend Dr. Samuel W Meyer. The man is cruel, he doesn’t consider his clients feelings. He is also not the genius to decide how animals should be treated or how I should treat my dog.  You can see my other review about Samuel W Meyer Princeton NJ.