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Scott Karosa Speaks Out Against Anonymous Internet Harassment Tri-Star Management Nevada

In Online Defamation Rebuttal on October 24, 2014 at 1:44 am

As a highly regarded firm, evidenced by a 30-year history, it is incredulous that the US Congress, permits, and therefore encourages, anyone to say anything anonymously online; true false or otherwise. Section 230C of the communications decency act (ironically named), allows website operators to republish unprotected speech, such as lies, defamation, harassment and cyber bullying, without concern about being sued by the victims. This law needs to be changed or repealed. This brief video explains why:

According to SBA.GOV, Scott Karosa is Chairman and C.E.O. of Tri-Star Management, a diversified holding company involved in Mortgage lending through its mortgage subsidiary. It states that “Truly dedicated to upholding the welfare of the clients that his four companies serve, Scott Karosa makes sure that only the best talents and people are hired for the specific and highly-sensitive jobs they handle.”

Tri-Star management provides consulting service to the sports and entertainment management industries.

All American Home Mortgage; Real Estate through its real estate subsidiary Tri-Star Realty and Insurance through Nevada Insurance Services, another wholly owned subsidiary.

All American Home Mortgage pioneered Hi-rise non warrantable condo and condotel lending in Las Vegas and is a leader in that space.

Nevada Insurance Services provides Insurance services to corporations and individuals through its relationship with 31 A rated or better insurance carriers.

Tri-Star Realty provides hi-end white-glove boutique services as a real estate firm catering to successful agents and brokers who are committed to delivering high end services to their respective clients.

Tri-star Management’s subsidiary corporations are all regulated by both state and/or federal agencies. Furthermore, each subsidiary is bonded and licensed in appropriate jurisdictions.

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