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Trey Knight’s Tips of Overcoming Fear of Success

In Public Notices on November 10, 2016 at 3:49 am

Overcoming Fear of Success by Trey Knight

Trey Knight Empower Living

Trey Knight Empower Living

Trey Knight is a husband, father & businessman. Trey Knight’s mandate is to enable people to overcome their fear of prosperity so they may live the life that God planned for them.

Trey Knight is a hardworking businessman and former turn-around specialist, doing work with large equity organizations in the USA, Mexico, and China for the last 15 years. Trey has been educating and mentoring individuals in the areas of business development, leadership, lifestyle management for years. Mr. Knight became familiar with relationship/Network marketing in 2006 after observing world renowned entrepreneur Warren Buffet talk on marketing networks. With the extensive change being witnessed in today’s economy and “job security quickly turning into an obsolete word for most American households, Trey Knight chose to follow an overwhelming trend and build a service that allowed him to depend no longer on others for his future, safety and security. After building numerous companies and getting to the top-pin levels within in record time, Trey noticed a change that sent him and his team looking for a more secure company to partner with. Mr. Knight is a sought after coach and adviser and devoted to delivering hope, building partnerships and leading the way for his organization.


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