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INVESTIGATION: Robert Mann Exposes Ripoffreport Shakedown Scheme – Worldwide Intelligence Network

In Redacted Revolt on January 31, 2014 at 1:22 am
Robert Mann Worldwide Intelligence Network

Robert Mann Worldwide Intelligence Network

Robert Mann, Director of Worldwide Intelligence Network has issued the following statement:

In 2007 I was deliberately defamed by a person who performed a couple of temporary assignments for my company as a surveillance investigator.

This person flew into a fit of rage because he was caught stealing was subsequently refused any further work from our company and he then began posting numerous hateful, malicious complaints about me, my wife and our company on Ripoff Report and dozens of other review site,s even after signing a legal agreement not to post any negative comments about Robert Mann or Worldwide Intelligence Network.

– See more at: Authorized Statement by Robert Mann of Worldwide Intelligence Network