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DISGRACEFUL: Fox News Journalist Perry Chiaramonte Conspires With Dirty Cop in Murder Witness Tampering Conspiracy

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For Immediate Release Jul 21, 2012

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Perry Chiaramonte Fox News Journalist Ethic Breaches

Perry Chiaramonte Fox News Journalist Ethic Breaches

This brief six minute video explains the dynamics of my interview with FOX News journalist Perry Chiaramonte and his subsequent breaches in journalistic ethics.FOX News journalist Perry Chiaramonte of Fox News & New York Post published a story accusing me of criminal hacking on January 20th, 2012. The origins of the story are very convoluted, but in a nutshell the following facts to be sufficient to refute the allegations within a story:

  1. Perry Chiaramonte primary source was convicted criminal Darren M Meade who admitted under oath in a deposition to creating false press releases and publishing false allegations online to attack competitors. See: AUTHORIZED STATEMENT Response to Darren M Meade’s Allegations Against Rexxfield Founder Michael Roberts on and Elsewhere (Kairos-Meade)
  2. Video [29 seconds]: Darren M Meade describes with delight the torment caused to his previous Internet’s smear campaign victim.
  3. Darren M Meade attempted to extort me in October 2011, his succeeded in persuading Perry Chiaramonte to print fiction as fact is a testament to his criminal abilities to follow through with the threats when I did not pay the monies demanded of me.
  4. Perry Chiaramonte’s secondary source was convicted criminal and alleged extortionist, Ed Magedson,the owner of Xcentric Ventures, LLC which operates Ed Magedson’s motivation in disgracing me publicly was simply an attempt to discredit my research into the appalling business practices of his website has outlined in this video about
  5. Immediately after the defamatory article was published, Perry Chiaramonte was caught in an electronic sting operation communicating with Det. John B. Richter (Star No. 20768), of the Chicago Police Dept. Richter is the brother of Tracey, my ex-wife who is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for Murder in the First Degree. (Details in video)
  6. NEW DEVELOPMENT: Ed Magedson and Darren Meade are now attempting to assist my ex-wife in escaping her recent first-degree murder conviction. It is presumed this is to cause me for the torment because I had to fight so hard to obtain custody of my children for the last 10 years. My story was recently told by 60 minutes and can be viewed here. Ed Magedson Darren M Meade crossed a line and they began attempting to communicate directly with my minor children. I will now show no quarter.

— END Authorized Statement —

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Socratic Logic

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Ethics Questioned of Perry Chiaramonte Fox News Journalist Previously of the New York Post

Disgraced Journalist Perry Chiaramonte Fox News Previously of the New York Post

If you are considering agreeing to an interview with Fox News Journalist Perry Chiaramonte, you might like to take about 6-minutes to view this brief video which explains how one man suffered catastrophic damage to his reputation, business, and personal relationships as a result of fallacious journalism on the part of Perry Chiaramonte. The brief account explains how Perry used numerous categories of fallacious arguments such as strawman, appeal to ignorance and ad hominem to set up his target. It began with a dishonest pretext with the initial interview request, false light twisting of small truths that were in and of themselves benign, and then peppering his final story with a convoluted web of lies that lets the reader unable to draw accurate conclusions.

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