These web-sites allow anybody, to state nearly anything, regarding anybody else, in the absence of any type of review or proof of the unknown foe’s defamation. Thus, simply consider the provider of these allegations that are leveled against Check This with skepticism.

When Check This’s abusive search results begin ranking highly, the gripe site owner will most likely attempt to pressure the victim into paying a coercion fee for Google removal.

Michael R.Roberts, Licensed Private Investigator

Managing Director: Mike Roberts Licensed Private Investigator (Social & Digital Forensics)

You Can Offset Damages From Internet Libel:

Check This EXECUTIVES: You can reduce the damage of these libelous Google results. By entering the search terms that are causing reputation headaches, you can begin fixing the problem within the hour:

Case Studies:

Below is a visual representation of a current smear campaign suppression issue that is being remedied with these methods:
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