SMEAR CAMPAIGN AGAINST JUSTIN ARMSDEN, Journalist of A Current Affair – Victim of Ripoff Report

In Internet defamation, Redacted Revolt on November 8, 2013 at 9:11 am

BACKGROUND: is an infamous and discredited website used by anti-social trouble makers to defame individuals and businesses

JUSTIN ARMSDEN, Journalist of A Current Affair - Response to False Ripoff Report JUSTIN ARMSDEN of A Current Affair has not yet posted a response to the flaming aspersions Cast Against him on, presumably posted by convicted criminal and serial conman Peter Foster, of whom Justin scrutinized, reported and warned the public.
Conspicuous by its timing was another Ripoff Report accusing Justice John Logan RFD, the Judge who sentenced Foster, on the very same day.
This appalling website is a good argument for a national firewall, if we can find a balance for reasonable censorship.
“And so we live in a universe of new media with phenomenal opportunities for worldwide communications and research — but populated by volunteer vandals with poison-pen intellects…”

Renowned Journalist John Seigenthaler.

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