SMEAR CAMPAIGN against Justice George Fryberg, Supreme Court of Queensland

In Internet defamation on November 4, 2013 at 12:27 pm

The Supreme Court of Queensland’s Justice George Fryberg [Australia] has had flaming aspersions leveled against him through the notorious website, and republished on the sloppy, “scraped content” site, zoominfo.comKeep in mind, if Google didn’t elevate this tripe to page 1 of its search results, it may as well not exist, as not many people woul find it.

Bear in mind that Google’s shares are now worth over $1,000.00 each, this has been subsidized by the United States Congress giving Google immunity to libel people for¬† profit. The horrible law that allows this tribe to be found globally via Google¬† is ironically called, “Section 230C of the, Communications Decency Act”. This 4 minute video explains why it needs to be changed or repealed:

This 9 minute video explains how Google profits from defaming people with immunity:

It should be noted that Google can be sued in Australia and other countries for Internet defamation. But, they have deep pockets…

ABC’s Media Watch made mention of Michael Trkulja’s win against Google. Although Trkulja won his case, Google are still saying they are under US law even though they used to place Australian advertisements on websites serving Australian internet users. Just recently our boycott team caused Google to remove all its ads from another notorious website,, if the visitors to that website are from Australian IP address.

The US law defence is the subject of legal argument in a South Australian court on Dec 16, 2013 (Dr. Janice Duffy vs Google). It appears counsel for Dr. Duffy has really put Google on the spot.

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