SCAM ALERT! Joseph Grossi of Renewed Solution Germany

SCAM ALERT! Joseph Grossi of Renewed Solution Germany

Fake name Joe Grossi is part of a sophisticated romance scammers operating on German dating site Elite Partner: Joseph Grossi of “Renewed Solution” and other fake businesses with basic websites are frauds. Joe is operating out of Lisbon Portugal. There have been similar stories to other fake profiles operated by these scammers, and their fake companies. Those fake company websites have now been taken down thanks to our activism.

ROMANCE FRAUD! Renewed Solution CEO Joseph Grossi is not Real – Joe Grossi

Joe Grossi was born in Germany, grew up in the USA, and recently moved back to Germany to establish a renewable energy company following the death/divorce of his wife

These pictures of Joseph Grossi are in fact a stolen pictures which have been associated with numerous scams on the web.

Because the face of the scammer does not match the photo. This is why he will NEVER do a video calls with their targets.

If you are already communicating with “Joseph”, then DO NOT SEND HIM MONEY when he thinks you trust him, they will spend several months of months “grooming” you before asking for money.

If you are in contact with this individual, please contact us through the Romance Scam Victim Help Request form below.