This statement is issued in response to the false and defamatory Ripoff Report filed against Bryan Dinkelacker (Reference #877110).

In summary:

  • Mr. Dinkelacker executed a transaction of minimal value on as a buyer purchasing item(s) from the seller, A.O of Fresno, CA.
  • The seller refused to refund the purchase amount including all shipping costs.
  • The condition of the item purchased and received by Mr. Dinkelacker was greatly misrepresented and he requested a refund including return shipping costs from the seller.
  • Mr. Dinkelacker, within his rights, left negative feedback for the seller in this transaction after attempting, and failing, to reach a resolution with the seller.
  • The seller became irate and proceeded to send abusive, defamatory and threatening emails to Mr. Dinkelacker in response to the negative feedback the seller received; including to vindictively file the very Ripoff Report in question as a retaliation for the appropriate negative feedback.
  • The Ripoff Report as filed by Mr. A.O against Mr. Dinkelacker is clearly abusive and defamatory, using vile language and false accusations as a way to retaliate against Mr. Dinkelacker through cyber-bullying and character defamation.


“I purchased something for my new baby to have when he got older, something I had when I was younger. The item arrived undamaged, however the condition was greatly misrepresented by the seller and was in very poor condition versus the “MINT CONDITION” as advertised.

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