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Perry Chiaramonte Fox News Journalist Ethic Breaches

Perry Chiaramonte Fox News Journalist Ethic Breaches

In 2012, Journalist Perry Chiaramonte was duped by two criminals who had been under investigation by’s founder, Michael Roberts, who is a journalist and licensed private investigator with an impressive track record in solving crimes. It has come to light that the criminals, the notorious founder of the alleged extortion website, Ed Magedson, and his contract “Reputation Hitman” Darren M. Meade, floated a convoluted story to the journalist, alleging that Michael Roberts is a “criminal hacker”.

Despite criminal charges being filed against the journalist’s sources for crimes against Michael Roberts, Fox News refuses to update or delete the story:

The story was presumably as retribution for exposing the two in various crimes, for which charges were eventually filed.  These two alleged extortionists were the only two “sources” for Chiaramonte’s story titled “EXCLUSIVE: Online reputation manager hacked websites to ‘inject’ illegal code”.

Darren Meade’s Psychological Projection Bias

Darren M Meade has been described by the press, and prosecution teams as being a “reputation hitman”, he is admitted under oath to being paid to execute Internet smear campaigns against his employer’s victims to destroy the reputation in Google search results.

Subsequently, Sac County prosecutor Ben Smith testified under oath that that Michael Roberts, a State’s witness in a murder trial, was being harassed by the Fox News tipsters Meade & Magedson is response to Roberts’ testimony. This is a felony crime in Iowa. Unfortunately, due to low resources, Prosectutor Ben Smith dismissed the charges against Magedson’s “Boy Friday” Darren Meade, so that he could concentrate on the prosecution of the RipOffReport operators, and apparently their attorneys, one of whom, Maria Crimi Speth, allegedly attempted to bribe the Prosecutor.

View the Court Dismissal of Meade hear, and the Prosecutor’s unambiguous intent to pursue the Ripoffreport leaders.

Michael Roberts launched a very effective boycott campaign against, and anybody who finances their operations through advertising, or paying into their extortion or shakedowns schemes (as I have been called).

Ed Magedson founder of facing Criminal Charges

Ed Magedson founder of facing Criminal Charges

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