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You may submit a request to remove ANY search result from the first page of Google, within weeks by completing the steps on this page:

Feeding the Pig?

Free BadBoyReport Removal Help at

Alternatively you can spend hundreds, or thousands of dollars each month with an online reputation management company, also called search engine optimization, to try and bury the results from page 1 of Google and other search engines. This is probably “feeding the pig”. You’ll keep on spending money suppressing the negative results, but when you stop spending the money it will eventually pop up again.

Ideally, the U.S. Congress should change section 230C of the Communications Decency Act which allows websites to republish defamation with immunity from liability such as defamation, extortion etc. The only remedy here is to force Congress to act and either repeal, or significantly amend this flawed law. You can do that by writing to your congress person if you are a US citizen.

More information on section 230 see the communications decency act and its foolish applications.

Shout Louder than your Defamers!

A third option is to simply “shout louder” than the people defaming you. Try to post one

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