Nick Hytrek accused of biased and unethical reporting

Sioux City Journal Reporter Nick Hytrek accused of biased and unethical reporting

Nick Hytrek Journalist Sioux City Journal – Accused of Biased and Unethical Reporting

It has been alleged that Nick Hytrek, a Journalist with Sioux City Journal, is guilty of breaches in journalistic ethics when he filed a story containing conspicuous omissions of facts, and refused to correct or retract his errors, even when provided with court documents and evidence from diverse sources.

In his story titled “Lawsuit claims Sac County attorney abused power”, Nick Hytrek filed a one sided story, citing defamatory and fallacious allegations made by Ed Magedson, the owner of Rip Off Report, against the esteemed “bulldog prosecutor”, Ben Smith of Sac County Iowa. it is anticipated that Hytrek would justify  his unethical omissions from the story because the prosecutor declined to comment on the allegations. Notwithstanding, the Internet is replete with court documents, sworn testimony, and many mainstream news articles spanning over 14 years which reveal the character and personality of Ed Magedson, and his propensity to make false allegations to further his appalling business practices.

Nick Hytrek’s ethical breaches can be construed as either gross negligence or laziness at best, with respect to his due diligence and research, to political or other bias for undetermined motivations at worst.

Nick Hytrek was Provided with the following link to background information in court documentation that demonstrate that Ed Magedson is a vexatious litigant, demonstrates most if not all of the DSM-V criteria for “antisocial personality disorder”, and has team of lawyers and administrators who further his appalling business practices and general torment of the harassment targets.  Evidence and documentation

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