REPORT: Mercedes Benz has a Google dilemma! It appears that an adversary is using corrupt ploys to repulse potential and existing clients from associating with Mercedes Benz. Until there are critical changes to US Internet legislation that presently allow rampant anonymous disparagement, Mercedes Benz has just a few remedies available to reduce the hardship this libel is creating.

Specialist guidance:

Just enter a your corporation or personal name here to watch how libelous Google results can be quashed, try “Mercedes Benz Reviews” for example:

This real life example shows how a large US independent dealership defeated the defamation, resulting in $30,000.00 per month in extra profits

Free do-it-yourself Defamation Reduction Ideas.’s experts have posted some self-help tips at

Build a Social Networking Firewall for Mercedes Benz :

Social Buffer and Social Firewall are explained here.
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