Lisa Borodkin esq. Defeats & Ed Magedson’s In Lawsuit: Case Dismissed

In Attorney Ethics, Redacted Revolt on November 16, 2012 at 9:16 am
Attorney Lisa Borokin Defeats RipOffReport In Lawsuit

Attorney Lisa Borokin Defeats RipOffReport In Lawsuit - Ed Magedson Frustrated Again

Attorney Lisa Borodkin filed a motion for sanctions against owner Ed Magedson and his attorney for “asserting frivolous claims against her for an improper purpose.” Earlier, United States District Judge G. Murray Snow dismissed Ripoffreport’s the case against Borodkin.

The dismissal came shortly after Borodkin’s email to Ed Magedson’s attorney (and cc’d to various witnesses), where she stated: “As I told Magistrate Bade last week, it appears that your client, Ed Magedson, has lied about the only material aspect of your case.”

REF: No. 2:11-CV-01426-PHX-GMS United States District Court For The District Of Arizona.

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