LIES? Bill Lamb WDRB President Called Out as a Liar by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin tore anew one for News Manipulator Bill Lamb, WDRB President & General Manager. Gov. Bevin concluded that Journalist Bill Lamb is either (a) Not smart enough to understand what Gov. Bevin actually said, or (b) thinks that his news show listeners are not smart enough to realize that Bill Lamb is lying to them. I have adopted (b) as my own opinion.

Ethical Breach Journalist Bill Lamb WDRB/WMYO President & General Manager caught Lying

Gov. Matt Bevin Court journalist Bill Lam from WDRB in a boldfaced lie to his viewers recently.

I have no dog in this fight, in fact I live in Australia and had never heard of Gov. Bevin before today. But, I give this guy kudos. He was both gracious, and direct with the journalists. He gave some benefit of the doubt for their foolishness, but that grace in my view is not deserved. I watched some of the news articles and interviews with Gov. Bevin about his preannounced meetings about the power of prayer, and he made it unambiguously clear what should be expected with his announcement. Furthermore, he accurately predicted that he would be mocked and ridiculed for his ideas, and yet these unethical journalists still couldn’t resist the opportunity to twist the truth, despite a very clear warning that the reporting would likely come under intense scrutiny.

Even if you have no connection to Kentucky or the United States, I strongly urge you to watch this 12 minute video Where Gov. Bevin politely exposes the misdeeds of Journalist Bill Lamb, and others. It is a beautiful example of logic, rhetoric and granmma being used simply, and effectively to combat lies and expose those in a position of public responsibility, i.e. the media, who breach said responsibility because of their inability to set bias aside, and report accurately.