Lani Starr Victim Of Smear Campaign Online Makawao Hawaii (a.k.a Lani Star)

In Redacted Revolt on September 5, 2013 at 6:48 am

Lani Starr Singer Hawaii This statement is offered in response to the fallacious and demeaning allegations posted online about me.
The assertions are harmful not only to myself, but to those with whom I work.


It is unfortunate that this person has elected to publish these allegations in this manner. These actions are tantamount to extortion.


At this time I have elected not to engage in a public flame war; for now this statement and the links herein will be all I have to say.
I deny the allegations made against me in the referenced publications.
This is a formal cease and desist notice to my defamer.
A jury of our peers will settle the quarrel between us in a court of law.
Prospective clients please note:
I trust that an objective reader can see that the attacks are replete with ambiguities and factual errors.
A person’s character is defined by their deeds, not by mud that is thrown by anonymous, bitter or biased critics.
I look forward to having my reputation restored, and humbly request that I not be judged on the basis of this smear campaign.


August 19, 2012 Message From: Joel Edelman, Attorney at Law:

Please be advised that I represent Lani Starr., aka Lani Star. All further communications concerning the facts and issues set forth herein shall be directed to me, not to my client, Lani Starr.

Lani Starr, is being falsely accused, on-line, of being a “cyber-bully.” etc. The truth is quite different. Someone (against whom she has been in a dispute, and which later turned into a law suit which she eventually won a judgment against him. This person has a long history of felony criminal conduct and of having many money judgments against him. Thus, there is reason to believe this person is likely the underlying source and perpetrator of the “bullying” that so many people are attributing to Ms. Starr.

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