Investigation into the JT Foxx Scam Complaints

We all know a story like this: when an entrepreneur or a company becomes successful, people want to see them fail. For some reason, success attracts jealousy and hate. And this is what happened to JT Foxx. When he became a successful and well-known entrepreneur, speaker, wealth coach, and investor, people started posting JT Foxx scam complaints on the internet, to try to tarnish his reputation. Online smear campaigns with false stories were published on numerous websites – websites that don’t check if the reviews are true, before publishing. 

Why does success attract hate?

Why do we find it hard to celebrate someone else’s success? Why do we struggle to learn from it to make our own success stories? Why are we often led by jealousy and envy? Often jealousy comes from insecurity, or because people think they are more entitled to success. Or people are frustrated with their own efforts and failings, causing them to become jealous of the success of others. Many successful people across the world are reluctant to share their success stories because they know that people will come after them because of their success. This is a universal phenomenon. In Australia and New Zealand, they have a name for this: the tall-poppy syndrome – when people who stick out of the crowd are hated on and “cut down” like the tall poppy. 

This is also what happened to JT Foxx. When people started calling him a JT Foxx scam and fraud, he was bothered by it at first. But over time, JT learned that haters didn’t really hate him, but because he was a reflection of what the haters wanted to be, they actually hated themselves, because they were not able to become successful. He also learned that whoever tries to bring you down, is below you. His coach told him that haters are like crickets – they make a lot of noise and hear you them, but you can’t see them. Then, when you walk past, they go quiet. 

When JT started asking his haters where they heard something, or where they attended his events, they often responded that they heard it from someone else who attended his events. It was always hear-say, third-party information. Instead of going off of someone else’s experience, go to one of his events, and judge for yourself.

If you are dealing with scam allegations yourself, purely out of malicious jealousy, remember:

  • They can’t achieve anything themselves, which is why they want to tell others that you can’t do it either. 
  • People hate you because they can’t afford your service or product. 

“A successful individual has no time to publish lengthy statements about how happy they are. They are too busy with their lives, whereas slack people are not busy and have time to write three pages of allegations at 1 am at night.” – JT Foxx.

And antagonists are never satisfied. Even though JT founded numerous businesses, and therefore created many jobs, haters won’t give him respect for that. Even though he helped thousands of people around the world through his coaching, and is involved with multiple charities, they won’t respect him for that. This goes to show that whatever you do, they will never be satisfied and just want to see you fail, which is why they continue to call him a JT Foxx scam. 

How JT Foxx deals with Scam Comments

JT Foxx made a public statement to the scam comments. 

“To those who hate me, show me your resume. Show me what you have accomplished, how much you support charities. At least I don’t pretend to be better than other people. At least I work my ass off every day to make sure I become successful and change other people’s lives.”

JT Foxx also gave us some tips to share to help you rise above the hate: 

  1. Rid yourself of negative people around you.
  2. Invest your time in positive and more prosperous people than you.
  3. Accept that people will be jealous because of your success.
  4. When you are hated, just smile and ignore.
  5. Don’t make threats or give them attention, because that’s what they want.
  6. However, sometimes you should respond to send a message to all those watching that you don’t take any crap.

Instead of attacking back, JT Foxx wants to encourage other people to try to make it to the top. He believes in people and believes that life is too short to hate. He knows that it’s not easy to become successful, but when you do, he will welcome you at the top. There is room for more.

Response to the JT Foxx Scam complaints

Students and people attending JT’s event responded to these JT Foxx scam comments.  

“I have been to the Paris event, because I missed the one in Geneva, and found that it gave me a lot of great free value. I don’t understand why people call him a JT Foxx scam, while paying thousands of dollars for education but believe that’s not a scam. When someone teaches you real-life business strategies, for free, you go after him and call him a scam? He just presents his service and shares his knowledge. You are free to buy it or not. I just want to say to readers, don’t listen to what other people say. Go to one of his events, and see for yourself what it’s about before you completely reject him. Don’t just believe anonymous internet stories you read online. Just because other people are unable to learn, shouldn’t mean they can drag you down with them.” 

“Regarding the JT Foxx scam complaints: are JT Foxx and his coaches sharp sales guys? Yes, definitely. But so are the salespeople who sell insurance, holidays, etc. Yet, nobody calls them a scam. I don’t go around claiming that all the scam claims are false, but I think the majority of them are. I think most of them come from people who are unable to listen carefully to the small print in a speaker.” 

“With all the JT Foxx scam complaints posted on all these websites, nobody provided any solid evidence to support their statements. I think that maybe the individuals calling JT a scam are just sour grapes and led by jealousy.”

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