Jeff LaBerge Provides Suggestions to the USDA

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Jeff LaBerge’s Recommendations to the USDA re: “Establishment of a Domestic Hemp Production Plan”.

My name is Jeff LaBerge, CEO of Viaspace California. I am writing to complement the USDA for supplying interim hemp regulations but also to share my serious worries regarding crucial elements of the laws, as outlined below. If passed as presently created, I think these laws would be devastating for the emerging hemp market and cause the unnecessary damage of thousands of acres of hemp.

There are several locations of the DHP that will profit the hemp market. Specifically:

1) Presently, numerous financial institutions see ventures with the hemp industry as a legal or regulative risk. The DHP ought to provide the banking sector with added comfort doing business with the lawful hemp and CBD industries.

2) The DHP formalizes interstate business involving hemp and hemp items and that neither federal nor state police officials can disrupt the interstate transport of hemp or hemp products.

3) We welcome the fact the DHP supplies adaptability to hemp farmers pertaining to THC testing. Especially, giving a margin of error for laboratory in testing and sampling, in addition to the possibility to retest samples. Currently, the THC sampling and testing guidelines are too stringent and will trigger logistical difficulties for farmers.

hemp farm managed by jeff laberge

This is a California based hemp farm, managed by Jeff LaBerge

Respectfully submitted by Jeff LaBerge

Jeff holdsĀ over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy and agriculture industry. You can see Jeff’s hemp farm up close here.