IMPERSONATION: Jeanne Hogarth of FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

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If you received a document claiming to be a guarantee from “Jeanne Hogarth” for an investment that is being pitched to you, as part of a boiler room securities fraud operation, rest assured, it is fake. This is a sophisticated criminal conspiracy operating out of the Philippines and Indonesia, aiming to have offices in Japan, Milan Italy, and elsewhere. It sounds convincing because the telephone calls come from US and Canadian nationals, and sometimes British. So their accents are not sound like typical scams from developing nations.

A copy of one such fake guarantee can be viewed here:

International Strategic Ventures SA is one of the fake business names used in the scam

If you have fallen victim to the scams, please submit your information below and you will be contacted by the team that is investigating the scam, with a view to bringing criminal charges through various international jurisdictions.

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