’s Jared Russell Using Illegal Robcalling Technology

The following recording was made on mid-February 2020 when an illegal RoboCaller transferred me to Jared Russell of My number is on the FTC’s do-not-call registry.

A robocall trying to sell you something is illegal unless a company has your written permission to call you that way. To get your permission, the company has to be clear it’s asking to call you with robocalls, and it can’t make you agree to the calls to get a product or service. If you give permission, you have the right to change your mind later.

Neither Jared Russell nor had my permission to make robocalls to me. Less than 24 hours later another Robocall came from the same number 855-997-4476

Jared sounded a little confused when he took the call, almost as if he wasn’t expecting the call. I surmised that this means he very rarely has someone like my pressing “1” to be put through. Therefore, if the Robocaller is making one call per minute, and Jared only gets one person elected to be transferred every week or so, then Jared Russell is wasting approximately 50 hours of his unknown victim’s time, collectively each week. This is not cool Jared…