Our investigative team have found another heartbreaking case of online harassment. The victim is Helene Goldnadel of IC Talent. We asked her to tell her story, her response is below:

Helene Goldnadel of IC Talent Describes Her Anguishing Battle with Online Defamation:

My name is Helene Goldnadel. I am the owner of IC Talent previously known as International Creative Artists, (ICA). We have been in business for 14 years empowering children, as we are the leading acting institution in personal growth for children.

My background: My mother was a Christian Dior model and my father was a psychotherapist. He passed away in 2009. Shortly before his leaving us, he asked me to do anything I can to clear our good name on the Internet. Section 230C of the Communications Decency Act makes a lawsuit against the people who libeled me and my business anonymously, impossible.

I have spent over $100,000 to date in attorney fees, and other optimizing fees. The owners of sites such as the Ripoffreport, are also harmless from any litigation, as they are protected by that law. When my competition, and then a disgruntled employee back in 2005 wrote on the Internet about our Institution, after emailing Ed Magedson, the owner of the Ripoff Report extortion site, he finally got on the phone with me and offered me to pay him $30,000 down, then another $20,000 when he posts a statement modifying the “reports”, and then it would have been only $5,000 a month. He thought I was very rich because of a trailer which I produced for television at the time, I guess.

Not knowing how the Internet worked and being unaware of the law, I retained an attorney instead. I responded to the defamation on line, ranking the trash higher by doing so. But you can’t really tell people look at me, I am an athlete, I work out six days a week, and look at our graduates’ results, most kids on television are our children… When libeling on the Internet says you are a drug addict, a child molester, you used to be a man, and all of your employees used to be men, plus you are organizing gay and transvestites parades in you area, while scamming people out of their money and you have no agents coming in, what do you say?

People didn’t really didn’t know, at that time, that the Internet doesn’t always have true and reliable content. Here I was and have been, with my good name ruined and my and my business reputation trashed. I am still hoping that the Communication Decency Act will change. Meanwhile take a look at this site: www.ezripofflawsuit.com. I put it up ten years ago, hence generating renewed wrath from Ed Magedson.

Thank you for reading,
Helene Goldnadel

26481 Rancho Parkway South Building S
Lake Forest, California 92630
United States