DEFAMED Jim Justice Southern Coal

DEFAMED Jim Justice Southern Coal

According to Forbes Southern Coal’s Jim Justice is West Virginia’s richest man, with $1.6 billion in net worth. These types of business leaders attract scrutiny from journalists, desperate for “stories”. It has been said, “never let the truth get in the way of a good story”.

Southern Coal CEO Jim Justice is a victim of Journalistic Defamation

Before believing what your read or hear, even if it is under the NPR flag, thinking people should seek out original source documentation and actual witnesses to the event reported.

Internet Defamation & How to Suppress Google Search Results

Defamation victims, such as Jim Justice, can seek professional assistance in suppressing these demeaning search results. As an example, if you as a reader are struggling with this problem, simply enter the problem search terms, such as your business name or personal name, and follow the prompts below: