GOSSIP: Robyn Padgett of Crossroads Restaurant & Lounge Early Iowa

GOSSIP: Robyn Padgett of Crossroads Restaurant & Lounge Early Iowa

by Karen Hargraves

Robyn Padgett, owner of Crossroads Restaurant & Lounge in Early Iowa, appeared on the Dateline NBC exposé about convicted murderer Tracey Richter. Robyn had less than complimentary things to say about Tracey’s ex-husband Michael Roberts.

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Big Frog in Small Pond.

Unfortunately, Robyn Padgett is a notorious gossip. In a small town like Early Iowa, this can be quite anguishing for individuals who are targeted by emotional bullies such as Robyn, particularly when they control social meeting places, such as hairdressers and bar owners…. this is one such case.

In the short time that Michael lived in early Iowa, he employed several local people who worked as administrators for his business. One such individual, a young, out-of-town mother who had married a local farmer, became the subject of malicious gossip. Robyn had been spreading awful rumors that this young wife and mother was having an affair with the school superintendent.

Michael Roberts publicly confronted and rebuked Robyn Padgett at her restaurant for her gossiping .

In concern for his employee’s reputation and her emotional welfare, Michael publicly rebuked Robyn for her gossip. By all accounts, this was clearly very embarrassing for Robyn Padgett because she is apparently not accustomed to people standing up to her smear campaigns.

As a consequence of Michael’s confrontation with Robyn, it appears she saw the interview with Dateline NBC as an opportunity to exact revenge against him, by saying some very hurtful things during the show.


If we don’t stand up to gossips and call them out, they will continue to perpetuate their poisonous diatribe.

“Residents of Early, Iowa  Are strongly urged to be very careful what personal information they share with Robyn Padgett”

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