Great confusion comes from Google Search Results because the search engine cannot separate these two unrelated organizations. GlobalTel Reviews stand in stark contrast to the complaints levelled against the relative newcomer, Global Tel*Link.

Globaltel Reviews Helps Inmate Families Stay In Touch Economically

Sadly, Inmate Calls are extremely expensive and this adds another barrier to prisoner rehabilitation due to the reduced family support.  Financially challenged families often cannot afford phone calls. It seems that GlobalTel can drastically reduce the cost of jail calls. The secret to the system is a network of special phone numbers for jails throughout the country. When your imprisoned loved one dials their special GlobalTel Phone Number, their family’s land or mobile phone will ring and costs are reduced!

International Calling Through Globaltel Inmate Calls

In addition, international inmate calls are heavily discounted. Special services for Federal Bureau of Prison inmates at only $9.99/mo are available.

More information is available in these Globaltel Reviews pages

Please don’t confuse the negative reviews and criticisms against “Global Tel*Link”, this is an unrelated company.