Glenn Neasham is a respected insurance broker with decades of experience, and by all accounts, satisfied customers. He was wrongly accused by what appears to be a “press hound prosecutor”, in the aftermath of the 2008 and 2009 global financial crisis. It was later revealed that he was wrongly convicted for a crime he never committed, as a consequence of a tainted jury, as well as what we believe to be prosecutorial misconduct.

Glenn Neasham: We couldn't say anything. We just cried. [credit: LifeHealthPro]

Glenn Neasham: We couldn’t say anything. We just cried. [credit: LifeHealthPro]

The following article is an excellent account of how honest business people such as Glenn Neasham Insurance Broker can have their careers, developed over decades, destroyed with just a few minutes of malicious intent and the clicking of a submit button, by antisocial antagonists hiding behind the cover of anonymity:

Found innocent after being sentenced to jail for alleged bilking of an old lady, Glenn Neasham struggles to rebuild his career

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