Retail Forex traders have been the victims of scams designed to steal their money since Forex trading became available with the popular advent of online trading around the year 2000.  Until recent years, Forex trading was largely unregulated, which facilitated an influx of unlicensed amateurs and scammers with an aim toward misleading prospective investors into falling prey to their scams.

The Forex market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. It is also an extremely lucrative investment opportunity that can produce aggressive returns uncorrelated to traditional investment vehicles.  Despite the legitimacy of the Forex market and the unprecedented opportunity for retail traders to enjoy aggressive profitability with limited downside risk when having their funds managed by a professional, retail traders far too often fall prey to Forex scams and as a result lose money.

Ethan Cooper, Managing Director of the institutional asset management firm Fortress FX Fund / Launches New Tool

It is for this reason that Ethan Cooper, Managing Director of the institutional asset management firm Fortress Fund (@fortressfxfund), has recently launched his private institutional quality Forex Managed Account program to the retail public.   Ethan Cooper has done so in an effort to provide retail Forex traders and investors, who are too often scammed by amateurs and scammers preying on low- deposit investors, with the same opportunities as wealthier professional and institutional clients.  He’s done so in an effort to capitalize on the need of retail Forex investors to find professional, successful and legitimate managed account programs with whom to place their funds.

Ethan first recognized the demand of retail Forex traders to enjoy legitimate, professional managed investments in the Forex markets was being unmet with reviewing Forex Scam Reviews.  Ethan found that virtually every program in existence targeting and catering to low deposit retail investors would eventually lose all of their client funds (even if they were successful over short-term periods of time) as a result of either (a) unsatisfactory, amateur risk management structures; (b) so-called “Account Managers” that simply copy trade signals from other amateur retail traders on social trading and signal copy websites; and (c) outright scams designed to steal client funds.

As a result, Ethan Cooper and Fortress Fund ( are positioning themselves as a pioneer in the Forex Managed Account industry by offering their successful and proven institutional quality proprietary fund management services to retail traders with minimum funding deposits as low as $3,000 USD.  Never before has an institutional asset management firm, previously reserved only for large institutional clients, hedge funds, asset allocators, and high net worth private individuals, offered its services to the general retail public.

They are doing so in order to provide a much needed solution to the Forex Scams prevalent in the retail industry and provide these clients with legitimate fund management services aimed toward lifting their new retail clientele toward reaching their long-term investment goals.