It is presumed that the origins of the internet complaints published about Esalesdata, are more likely than not to be found at the keyboard of casuistic antagonists somewhere in their neighbourhood.

Once Esalesdata’s derogatory Google results begin to rank highly, the gripe site administrator will typically strive to coerce the target into paying out a protection racket charge for damaging search engine result suppression.

Mike Roberts, Licensed Private Investigator

Founder: Mike R Roberts Licenced Private Detective (Social & Digital Forensics)

Effective Ways To Hide Or Control Libel Through Search Engine Results:

If you are an executive of Esalesdata, then you can attempt to suppress these defamatory search results using ethical search engine suppression techniques. To see how easy it is, simply enter the names of your executives, corporations or brands that are currently struggling with defamatory search results in Google:

Real Life Examples:

The following graphical representation gives an indication of what what results can be achieved by making use of these kinds of tactics:
Fixing Google SearchMore Case Examples.