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UPDATE July 09, 2014

Journalist Perry Chiaramonte of Fox News Silenced by Criminal Warrant Allegations

Journalist Perry Chiaramonte of Fox News Silenced by Criminal Warrant Allegations

A 124 page criminal warrant that was unsealed today indicates that Journalist Perry Chiaramonte is participating in the following crimes: Ongoing Criminal Conduct, a Class “B” Felony (IOWA CODE § 706A.2); Conspiracy, a Class “D” Felony (IOWA CODE §706.1 ); Solicitation, a Class “D” Felony; Extortion (IOWA CODE § 705.1 ), a Class “D” Felony (IOWA CODE § 711.4); and Witness Tampering, an Aggravated Misdemeanor (IOWA Code§720.4), Facilitation of A Criminal Network By Attempting To Induce A Witness” commits a Class “B” Felony. IOWA CODE § 706A.2 (2013).

Although Perry Chiaramonte’s direct actions are limited only to witness tampering, if it is established that his defamatory and fallacious article was done in concert with the conspirators named in the warrant, one of which was the only source cited (Darren Meade), then Chiaramonte himself may be considered a principal of all indicated crimes, pursuant to RICO laws. The warrant reveals that Michael Roberts is in fact a victim of the criminal conspiracy, as opposed to a criminal as characterized by Chiaramonte in his fallacious article.

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Fox Kicks Tiger, Tiger Bites Back….


I have obtained the deposition of Fox News’ “source” Darren Meade taken a few months before the allegations were published. In these depositions, given before I refused Meade’s extortion demands, he describes me as a “victim”, not as a criminal. The depositions are long, for brevity I have highlighted the relevant testimony:

Darren Meade’s Deposition Vol I. (Directly contradicts the claims in Fox News Article)

Darren Meade’s Deposition Vol II. (Directly contradicts the claims in Fox News Article)


On October 24, 2011 journalist Perry Chiaramonte contacted me requesting an interview about the cold-case murder trial of my ex-wife Tracey Richter. I gave only limited cooperation because I was concerned about Perry’s tabloid past and was unsure of his commitment to the truth.  Furthermore, I made it very clear to Perry that a trusted crime reporter, namely Jason Kupier of the Omaha World Herald was receiving most material and comments from me about the murder case.  I respectfully suggested that he access that information like everyone else as Jason disseminated it through Associated Press network. This rejection clearly slighted Perry.

Two days later, On October 26, Perry published a story titled:

“Iowa Woman Once Hailed a Hero Now on Trial for Murder”

The story stands in stark contrast to most if not all other media stories on the Wehde murder in that Perry not only skimmed the breaking news about the new facts released by the prosecution but also echoed the accused’s defense almost verbatim. He also gave gracious coverage to John Richter (Tracey’s brother and a Chicago cop) and his theories about the case; the story is located at:

Even more conspicuous by its absence was any follow-up story by Perry of the jury verdict that convicted Tracey of Murder in the First Degree, which carries a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Two months later, on January 4, 2012 at 7:24:35 AM PST, Perry sent me the following e-mail message:



You may remember me when I reached out to you during Tracey’s trial back in the fall. I’m currently working on a story about online reputation management. I was informed about a man named Adam Zuckerman and claims that he was using an illegal hack to access sites such as Ripoff Report, Blogger, Google, etc. Much to my surprise, in my research, your name came up. I was hoping you had time today to discuss this. I will be filing by the end of the day so the sooner the better.

Thank you in advance,


Although exhausted and emotionally repulsed by yet another discussion about Zuckerman and DM, in an obligation to the truth I cooperated with Perry and provided copious quantities of exhibits and evidence pertaining to the story, including most of the audio recordings created by me or my assistant.

Almost three weeks later, on January 20, 2012 Perry published an article titled:

“EXCLUSIVE: Online reputation manager hacked websites to ‘inject’ illegal code”.

Ed Magedson of RipOffReport.comTherein, the Perry, Ed Magedson, and another defendant accused me of numerous criminal activities including computer hacking.

Shortly after publication of this Fox offensive, I received a tip from one of Perry’s peers that there was a “brotherhood link” between Perry and my ex-wife’s brother Officer John Richter of Chicago P.D.

I knew that Perry was familiar with my expertise in digital forensics and tracking electronic footprints, and that he would not likely fall for any of my techniques. Therefore, I devised an alternative tracking technique that would produce evidence beyond change in the form of prose, rather than digital artifacts.

On January 20, 2012 8:48:17 PM PST, I sent a private e-mail to Perry containing a unique string of text:

“You have kicked a tiger in the tail my friend, get ready for the teeth”.

This inflammatory message is not language I would normally use and was deliberately constructed to be absent of any journalistic value, it was included in this message so that when it appeared again, it would help solve the mystery of the hatchet job published by Perry that will probably cost him his career. This unique e-mail was sent to Perry but otherwise kept secret with this strategic purpose. Ergo, the first individual to mention the secret evidence could be tied directly to the conspiracy.

On January 24, 2012 19:02:40 CST, an anonymous individual posted the following message to my company’s Internet blog:

“Michael when you sent that message to Perry ‘when you pull the Tiger’s tail you get the teeth’, what did you mean by that!”

The originating Internet protocol address (“IP address”) was, which is allocated to the Chicago Police Department.

Thereafter, in an act of social engineering I initiated a private communication to Officer John Richter’s public Facebook profile located at:

On February 17, 2012 10:40:03 PM CST John, after accessing his personal Facebook account triggered an IP address tracing mechanism that I embedded in the private message. This provision communicated the IP address whence he accessed his personal Facebook account. That IP address was the same address for the earlier anonymous message sent to Rexxfield Internet blog originated, namely, thus confirming to a very high degree of certainty, that Perry’s relationship with John went beyond the brief interview about the murder trial in November last year. John repeated this IP address triggering action several times thereafter.

Perry Chiaramonte made references to certain audiotapes recorded by me (or at my direction) of discussions with the convicted felon Adam Zuckerman and his crew; Zuckerman is now serving a 37-month sentence in a federal penitentiary. As an example, Perry stated in his article that:

“In an audiotape obtained by of a meeting that included Roberts, [DM] and others, those present are heard discussing a public relations fear campaign that would help them sell their services to worried parents.”

Whereas, the audiotape “obtained” by was provided by me! In constructing this paragraph the way that he did, readers of the article would assume that I was creating or heartily agreeing with the reprehensible marketing campaign being planned in that audiotape; and that some whistleblower had exposed me in my wicked deeds.

Perry was fully aware that I, for the most part was simply listening to the Zuckerman Crew in their creative frenzy and there was no mistaking that my Australian accent was conspicuously quiet during the meeting. Furthermore, Perry had first-hand knowledge that the distribution of these recordings was by me to law enforcement and to the media in an effort to expose the Zuckerman crew in the full light of day long before DM was employed by Ed Magedson to throw me under the bus.

Perry published the following excerpts from this now infamous recording:

“I would love to run an underground campaign that says, ‘Google is trying to destroy your reputation,’” an executive on the call is heard saying. “I like the idea of, ‘the more popular you are, the more dangerous it is,’ and giving people the scare tactic of, ‘the more exposure you have … the faster it is for your enemies to attack you.’”

“I think there’s a whole other campaign where we can break the parents,” the executive continued. “Send them a picture of their kid with a gun in his mouth — Google did it. ‘Little Johnny is going to commit Google-cide. Can you stop it?’”

Objective readers of Perry’s article would conclude, and reasonably so given the context as conveyed by Perry, that I was being quoted in the above excerpt, when in fact the despicable suggestions were all uttered by Zuckerman Crew members, and Perry deliberately withheld attribution to said quotes to the respective speakers. In doing so, I was cast in a false light.

Perry had prior knowledge that on March 14th, 2011 I had made contact with an FBI Special Agent and digital forensics expert with whom I had formerly been engaged officially as an informant when I helped identify criminal elements suspected of using various types of hacking technologies against businesses and individuals when I operated Perry knew this before publishing the FOX Article that I reported the alleged hack and he chose to withhold this fact from the article.

Darren Meade Serial Cyber Smear CampaignerBoth Perry and Ed Magedson have copies of the  deposition given by Fox source and co-defendant DM, wherein he admits to an Internet smear campaign against the renowned physician in the  nutrition and health industry, as well as other criminal background records that demonstrate a pattern of behavior that would not normally instill journalistic confidence in the trustworthiness of the source.

To add insult to injury, the murder prosecutor learned that on October 29, 2011, the Saturday immediately following the 1st week of his sister’s murder trial, John Richter filed a police report claiming that I called him and threatened his life. This is par for the course for the family in their attempts to discredit their targets:

By filing this false report, John has put his entire career at risk, and for that matter has opened up numerous appeals for clemency by any criminals that have been jailed because of his testimony as a sworn police officer.

The absurdity of the criminal report by Det. John Richter was summed up in the July 2014 criminal warrant when the prosecutor wrote:

“To believe John Richter here, you have to believe that Michael Roberts, on the precipice of getting full custody of his children and finally being vindicated for any involvement in Dustin Wehde’s murder, after not speaking to JOHN RICHTER in more than a decade, while in hiding, called JOHN RICHTER at his police precinct while JOHN RICHTER was on duty, made the same death threat (sniper rifle) he allegedly made to DARREN MEADE in 2010, (according to DARREN MEADE’s second or third version of this supposed incident).”

There are more shenanigans than that listed herein above, but he’ll need to study the lawsuit as filed for the details.

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