INQUIRY: Fairfax Honda has a Google challenge! It appears that a competitor has been using sneaky ploys to repulse future and existing customers from doing business with Fairfax Honda. Until there are considerable reforms to US Internet laws that make it possible for rampant anonymous defamation, Fairfax Honda has a few choices available to reduce the anguish this slander is producing.

Qualified help:

Simply submit a your company or individual name below to see how objectionable Google Search results can be suppressed, “Fairfax Honda Reviews” for example:

This actual case shows how a large DC Area auto yard beat the defamation, resulting in $30,000.00 per month to the bottom line

Free Self-Help Libel Reduction Tips.’s experts have posted some DIY tips at

Construct a Social Networking Firewall for Fairfax Honda :

Social Buffer and Social Firewall are detailed here.
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