REPORT: Fairfax Honda has a Google predicament! It seems that a competitor is using unscrupulous ploys to repel would-be and current customers from doing business with Fairfax Honda. Until there are considerable reforms to US Internet laws that permit uncontrolled anonymous disparagement, Fairfax Honda has just a few remedies to mitigate the losses this denigration is producing.

Qualified guidance:

Simply submit a your product or personal name here to watch how unfavourable Google Search results will be overpowered, submit “Fairfax Honda Reviews” for example:

This real life example demonstrates how a large East Coast premium dealership overcame the problem, resulting in $30,000.00 per month in before tax profits

Free do-it-yourself Defamation Mitigation Ideas.’s staff have posted some DIY ideas at

Erect a Social Networking Buffer for Fairfax Honda :

Social Firewalls and Social Buffers are detailed here.
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