Ethics Questioned of Perry Chiaramonte Fox News Journalist Previously of the New York Post

Disgraced Journalist Perry Chiaramonte Fox News Previously of the New York Post

If you are considering agreeing to an interview with Fox News Journalist Perry Chiaramonte, you might like to take about 6-minutes to view this brief video which explains how one man suffered catastrophic damage to his reputation, business, and personal relationships as a result of fallacious journalism on the part of Perry Chiaramonte. The brief account explains how Perry used numerous categories of fallacious arguments such as strawman, appeal to ignorance and ad hominem to set up his target. It began with a dishonest pretext with the initial interview request, false light twisting of small truths that were in and of themselves benign, and then peppering his final story with a convoluted web of lies that lets the reader unable to draw accurate conclusions.

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JOURNALISTIC ETHICS ALERT Perry Chiaramonte of Fox News & New York Post