Disgraced Author & Journalist Daniel Glick of “The Story Group”

If you are considering agreeing to an interview with Journalist Daniel Glick of The Story Group; you might like to read this exposé which explains how one man suffered catastrophic damage to his reputation, business, and personal relationships as a result of fallacious journalism on the part of author & journalist Daniel Glick. The brief account explains how Glick used numerous categories of fallacious arguments such as strawman, appeal to ignorance and ad hominem to set up his target.

UPDATE July 09, 2014

A recently unsealed 124 page criminal warrant indicates that Journalist Daniel Glick maybe participating in the following crimes: Ongoing Criminal Conduct, a
Class “B” Felony (IOWA CODE § 706A.2); Conspiracy, a Class “D” Felony (IOWA CODE §706.1 ); Solicitation, a Class “D” Felony; Extortion (IOWA CODE § 705.1 ), a Class “D” Felony (IOWA CODE § 711.4); and Witness Tampering, an Aggravated Misdemeanor (IOWA Code§720.4), Facilitation of A Criminal Network By Attempting To Induce A Witness” commits a Class “B” Felony. IOWA CODE § 706A.2 (2013).

Download the Criminal Warrant here.

It began with a dishonest pretext with the initial interview request, feigning a brotherhood type experience by explaining how his wife left him and his children to pursue a lesbian relationship. It is unknown if this pretext is true or false, but it was a particularly despicable pretext used to ingratiate himself in the family of his hatchet piece victim. Daniel Glick actually ate some of his victim’s daughter’s birthday cake in their presence.

Many of the false light twisting of small truths that were in and of themselves benign, and then peppering his final story with a convoluted web of lies that leaves the reader unable to draw accurate conclusions (argument through verbosity).

This act of desperate journalism has subsequently called into question all of the work that Daniel Glick is done over the past few years in relation to the cold case murder of Scott Johnson in Australia in 1988. it should be noted that just because Glick has been caught lying in his most recent story, it does not mean that the work he has done for the cold case murder is also fictitious. However, if one cannot be trusted in small things, neither can they be trusted in the big things. This is where his tangled web of lies casts a sad shadow over his entire career’s work.

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