OPEN LETTER: [organisation] of [LOCATION] [CATEGORY] – False Complaints and Malicious Reviews


Re: Offer of free help to restore your damaged online reputation caused by false customer reviews against [organisation] of [LOCATION] ([CATEGORY])


To: The CEO of [organisation] of [LOCATION]

|You are probably painfully aware of damaging Google search results for “[organisation] of [LOCATION]”. Almost all of the websites that are hosting these attacks against [organisation] have been, for the most part, found to be not credible. Hence, they are causing you considerable damage by way of lost opportunities when prospective customers research [organisation]. Some metrics that are especially relevant to your problem, are expressed in this infographic titled Alarming Statistics on the damage Google results can do to you or your business reputation

FREE HELP for [organisation]

Because you have need in this area, our team of volunteer experts in Online Reputation Management is at your service. Consequently, we have published many free help resources to help hide these problem Google searches for [organisation]. They are available here:


In addition to the free help linked above, the same team offers professional fee-based consulting if you cannot manage the problem internally:

Display [organisation]’s Problem Google Search Results

Open Letter to [organisation] of [LOCATION] [CATEGORY]

Open Letter to [organisation] of [LOCATION] [CATEGORY]

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|Description:[organisation] of [LOCATION] is struggling with fake customer complaints that appear of Page 1 of Google Search. This is common for [CATEGORY] vendors, but the problem can be overcome.