USD83,520.58 owed to Hong Kong Criminals by Dr. Jason Hope House of Arizona

Dr. Jason Hope D.V.M., had everything going for him, a handsome veterinarian and professor at a prestigious Arizona veterinary school. In 2006 he fell hard and fast for the lights of Shanghai during a visit with his wife of 27 years. They returned bi-annually for about five years, but he fell into the wrong crowd during what he thought to be a licensed gambling house. Evidently, it was run by the Triads, and he fell victim to an elaborate cheating scam. Within three hours during a game of traditional Chinese Fan-Tan, which is similar to roulette, he found himself in debt to the equivalent of US$1.3 million. According to Mrs. Hope, The confusion started as a result of what she believes to be a deceptive pretext, which involved “a lot less zeros“, indicated as the value of each chip.

Mrs. Hope said that she does not know where Jason is currently holding out, but he has indicated that he is safe and well, and in regular contact with consular officials.

More updates to come in the future.