DIRTY COP: Det. John B. Richter, Chicago Police Dept. Star #20768 False Reports, Perjury, Racism

In Corruption on September 1, 2013 at 2:58 am

Witness Available To Impeach Testimony of Det. John B. Richter


Det. John B. Richter Chicago Police Star 20768Det. John B. Richter is a 3rd generation Chicago Detective. He is extremely racist, his world view and values appear to have been inherited from his Father Det. Bernard Richter (deceased).

I was married to John Richter’s older sister, Tracey Richter for 8 years. She is now serving a life sentence for murder in the first degree in Iowa. This is my story as conveyed sympathetically by 60-Minutes:


On several occasions John’s Father, Bert, bragged to me and my family that he “… put niggers in prison that were innocent of his charges, but guilty of other stuff they got away with”.

John and one of his best friends, a fireman, laughed about how they treated African Americans. As an example, the fireman recalled, with apparent glee, how a black woman tripped getting off a bus. Because he though she was faking it for an insurance scam, he placed her on a brace board and used strong tape to tape her “afro” directly to the board so they’d have to cut her hair off at the hospital.

When I tried to explain that their sweeping generalizations were intellectually lazy, they made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that they believe African Americans are genetically predisposed to laziness and crime.

I am available to testify as a defense witness to impeach the testimony of Det. John B. Richter. When his sister’s murder trail was half through, Det. John Richter filed a criminal report against me, claiming that I called him and threatened his life. This in itself was a crime on Richter’s part.

Furthermore, Det. John Richter filed an affidavit, under the penalty of perjury abut this issue, and other perjuries, that I did certain things. His affidavit was in an attempt to assist his sister to gain an advantage over me in child custody issues.- See more at:

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