DEFAMED: Ripoff Report Case Study Clyde Cadiddlehopper

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How you can benefit through the Clyde Cadiddlehopper case-study of

If you find yourself falling victim to a 24/7 assault on your reputation by and one of its users, then you need to know there are alternatives to paying-off Ed Magedson, the owner of

He will offer to edit the complaints filed against you, for a significant fee, and in his words “turn a negative into positive”. In fact, the following is a direct quote from Ed Magedson himself pitching his editorial adjustment services in what was referred to as a “classic shakedown”  in a recent lawsuit:

“The normal cost for the amount of Reports you have would be about $9,000 and much more of a monthly monitoring fee…An investigative Report by Rip-off Report…would be a very positive one, turning all the negatives into a positive. Anyone would want to do business with your company. You will wish there were more Rip-off Reports on you, …NO joke…”
~Ed Magedson

Can you believe the audacity of this guy? To suggest that “…You will wish there were more Rip-off Reports on you, …NO joke…” ? Yeah, right Ed.  Furthermore, he announces that the “investigative report” will be “a very positive one”, before he even initiates the “investigation”.  Ergo, he just removes any credibility Ripoff Report might otherwise have as a consumer champion because he changes negative to positive for a fee, as opposed to being on the basis of unfounded complaints.

Victims of would be well advised not to post response to complaints posted against them within this appalling website; to do so you are sending a message to Google that it is a relevant and current conversation. Consequently, Google will elevate the complaint even higher in search engine results. Many victims use search engine optimization in an attempt to bury or dilute the effects of This is a worthwhile pursuit,  particularly for businesses who can afford the associated expenses. In fact, a carefully crafted search engine optimization campaign, with the primary objective of burying Ripoff Report complaints, could actually pay for itself by increasing business with new customers. But, in the meantime, while waiting for the Ripoff Report results to be buried, it is important to get a high ranking authoritative response on page 1 of Google to refute the false allegations made against you.

Do not respond to your accusers on!

Instead, you need to respond to the allegations on a different venue, somewhere where you can shout as loud as, but without elevating the search results, and without subjecting yourself to Ed Magedson’s alleged “shakedown“. is a very powerful domain that achieves very high rankings in Google, very quickly, in most instances.  The Ripoff Report response service is run by volunteers; there is a very small fee to publish to help cover the costs, but you need to understand that this is not a profit making enterprise.

You can order  your authorized statement here:

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