The World’s First Cyber Crime Private Investigator – Rexxfield’s Michael Roberts

Cybercrime Private Investigator Michael Roberts of Rexxfield

Cybercrime Private Investigator Michael Roberts of Rexxfield

Rexxfield Michael Roberts had his first taste of digital investigations back in 1986, at the age of 18, when he was seconded by the history and telecommunications commission, investigations division. After passing security clearances with the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), he began assisting multi-jurisdictional law enforcement activities which were trying to keep up with emerging computer-based criminal threats.

More recently, Michael assisted the U.S. Marshals in capturing a murder fugitive, who had been on the run for almost 2 months. Using Rexxfield’s proprietary systems, it has been reported that Michael was able to locate the fugitive in Indiana within two hours. The fugitive was subsequently apprehended by the state and federal joint task force assigned to the manhunt.

Although Michael’s primary consulting roles are for government, law enforcement and large corporate clients, his passion is for helping civilian victims of scams, threats and harassment.

Prospective clients and media can review Michael’s case studies which are published here.