SCAMMER: Angela Bear 302-403F Penndygrasse Rd, Saskatoon S7m-5e5 Canada

The following fake personality is used as part of a classified scam. They will contact you through an eBay, or other online classified service, ask your bank account details, and send you an email that appears to be from a bank, confirming that a wire transfer has been sent to you. But, the funds are held up until you provide proof that you have sent the item they’re purchasing in the mail.

Do not send the art in their buying, you will never receive the money, the email is fake.

Name: Angela Bear
302-403F Penndygrasse Rd,
Saskatoon S7m-5e5

For example, the following is a fake bank email:

[email protected]

This is a fraudulent domain:

This alleged bank web domain was only registered in May 2016
is registered to a Gmail account for [email protected]

Here are some other scam domains registered by this person:””


We have the honor to inform you that the transfer of AU$XXXXX from our client’s account ”Lindemann Henry’ was made. But the money has not been credited to your account.

For the money to be transferred to your account, we would like you to continue with the shipping of the item as soon as possible at the address below:
Name: Angela Bear
Address: 302-403F Penndygrasse Rd,
City: Saskatoon
State: Saskatchewan
Postal code: S7m-5e5
Country: Canada

and once the shipping is done we want you to send us a scanned shipping receipt for verification, and once the verification is completed, the money will be immediately activated in your account. So therefore we urge you to proceed with the shipping as soon as possible and get back to us with the shipping receipt.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, but what we’re trying to do is to protect both buyers and sellers from the rampant fraudulent act. Note: this transaction is fully authorized by the World Bank.

Thank you for using the Royal Bank.
Royal Bank Management

If you have questions, please contact our online services client: [email protected]