Serious claims have been made against Cedar Finance/T.B.S.F. on multiple “Ripoff-Reporting” Websites. Despite this, prior to you come to any opinions, you need to lookup genuine source records or trustworthy eye-witnesses. Internet smear campaigns are a serious challenge, to the tune of many millions for honorable enterprises, who are soiled by casuistic opponents. Cedar Finance/T.B.S.F. does not have many remedies at hand in remedying its libel predicament, some are below:

  1. File a lawsuit vs their unidentified defamer(s) in the hope of receiving a court order to get rid of the detractory posts.
  2. Tune out the headache and hope soon-to-be clients will not be intimidated off;
  3. Look for expert help and support in an undertaking to extinguish the libel from occurring in very high position Google outputs.

Qualified Expertise for Organizations Being Harmed by Google Search Results

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Cedar Finance/T.B.S.F.