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A Study by Samuel W Meyer in Charity Scams

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A Study by Samuel W Meyer in Charity Scams

Charity Scam reviewed by Samuel W Meyer

Charity Scam reviewed by Samuel W Meyer: Outbound telemarketing Business”InfoCision” Donation Scam

After Samuel W Meyer learned about the “InfoCision” Charity Scam, he urges all potential benefactors to enter into the dirty globe of big charity fundraising with eyes wide open.

How Samuel W Meyer recommends Choosing a Honorable Charity

Prior to committing your hard-earned cash to a philanthropic organization, it is necessary that you do some fundamental due diligence to guarantee that a lot of your funds, actually wind up as direct aid. Unfortunately, Samuel W Meyer found there are lots of unscrupulous fraudsters that exploit sympathetic benefactors, to line their very own pockets.

If you do not have the time to do the due persistance, then you can drop back on Samuel’s study. He has actually been maintaining tabs on several of the even more preferred mainstream charities, and also has been disappointed by exorbitant administration charges, that route billions of dollars into the pockets of “lawyers”, which remain in many situations nothing even more compared to compensation based telesales individuals. Unfortunately, the sales individuals make use of a selection of sensible fallacies to attract your emotions and also redirect the profits of your great intentions into their very own pockets, as well as the ‘charity’ owners.

Samuel’s Recommended Charities

These charities are not provided in any specific order.

Why World Vision? 

For each buck donated to World Vision, even more compared to a buck’s well worth of help gets to kids and their family members. Find out more …

Why Empathy International?

In the 2015 fiscal year, 81.8 % of their donations went straight in ordering to help kids in their programs. This is among the greatest portions for a youngster sponsorship organization. My spouse and also I fund kids through Compassion.

Why Destiny Rescue?

They have actually rescued over 1,400 kids from exploitation and trafficking considering that 2011, they have actually assisted maintain hundreds a lot more from going into the sex-trade via different avoidance programs, guarantee justice for those that have actually been wronged and have actually elevated recognition to unimaginable numbers. Make a contribution or Sponsor a group residence for rescued youngsters

Learn more Tips from Samuel W Meyer

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S. Meyer also wrote an article with tips on dealing with digital attacks.





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TechniTrader Reviews Response to Online Complaints

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TechniTrader Reviews the online Complaints against the firm

If you searched the internet for TechniTrader reviews and info on their trading and investing education business, you may have seen a few negative and defaming TechniTrader reviews. TechniTrader takes great pleasure in the education programs they provide and that’s why the company decided to share their side of the story.

The firm regularly investigates libellous TechniTrader reviews and have already responded to some of the negative reviews to explain that certain issue. Several of TechniTrader’s pupils also provided a response to some of the defaming TechniTrader reviews by sharing their genuine view on the TechniTrader programs.

Since 1998, TechniTrader received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company always responded quickly and thoroughly to formally submitted complaints and always have been able to settle a legitimate request.

TechniTrader’s # 1 goal is to provide top quality stock market schooling. TechniTrader continuously reviews and updates their programs to keep up with shifts in the stock market and other relevant markets. The company works individually with their pupils to help them establish their own trading strategy. This guidance is continuous and there is no time limit for getting training support when you need it.

TechniTrader does not only offer comprehensive schooling on the stock market and numerous strategies of trading in their main course called the ‘Methodology Essentials Course’. They also provide a committed assistance network, which the student reviews represent as well.

We want to encourage everyone to do their own research when they encounter negative TechniTrader reviews. We are confident that when you examine our services, how we do business and who we are, you will see that there is not a more qualified stock market education company. Thank you for taking the time to read this TechniTrader review.



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OPEN LETTER: [organisation] of [LOCATION] [CATEGORY] – Malicious Reviews & False Complaints

OPEN LETTER: [organisation] of [LOCATION] [CATEGORY] – False Complaints and Malicious Reviews


Re: Offer of free help to restore your damaged online reputation caused by false customer reviews against [organisation] of [LOCATION] ([ CATEGORY]


To: The CEO of [organisation] of [LOCATION]

| You are probably painfully aware of damaging Google search results for” [organisation] of [LOCATION]. Almost all of the websites that are hosting these attacks against [organisation] have been, for the most part, found to be not credible. Hence, they are causing you considerable damage by way of lost opportunities when prospective customers research [organisation] Some metrics that are especially relevant to your problem, are expressed in this infographic titled Alarming Statistics on the damage Google results can do to you or your business reputation

FREE HELP for [organisation]

Because you have need in this area, our team of volunteer experts in Online Reputation Management is at your service. Consequently, we have published many free help resources to help hide these problem Google searches for [organisation] They are available here:


In addition to the free help linked above, the same team offers professional fee-based consulting if you can not manage the problem internally:

Click to Display [organisation]’s Problem Google Search Results

& teams

Open Letter to [organisation] of [LOCATION] [CATEGORY]

|TAGS: Reviews, Complaints, [organisation], [LOCATION],
|Keywords: [organisation], [LOCATION], Complaints, Reviews,.
|Description: [organisation] of [LOCATION] is struggling with fake customer complaints that appear of Page 1 of Google Search. This is common for [CATEGORY] vendors, but the problem can be overcome.

Question for #Integrity20

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CONTEXT: Amit Singhal, Google Senior VP, characterized Google as “…the biggest kingmaker on this Earth”. To a growing number of people “Google IS the Internet”, and if google says so, then so it is, even though its search algorithms are proprietary deployed at Googles good pleasure.

QUESTION: Should Google’s ability to effect mass changes to the “cognitive mapping” of the world for political, social and moral values be checked by watchdogs at national or international levels?

Jodat Law Group Reviews and Tips for Responding to Internet Harassment

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Jodat Law Group Reviews and gives Suggestions for Surviving Online Attacks

Submitted by: Jodat Law Group

Jodat Law Group: Sarasota / Bradenton Personal Injury Lawyers
Jodat Law Group Reviews – Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice
Jodat Law Group, PA | Facebook
Jodat Law Group, P.A. | LinkedIn
Jodat Law Group Reviews | CrunchBase
Jodat Law Group Reviews | Youtube
Jodat Law Group Reviews – Video Dailymotion

Google Search Result Pages often display high-ranking lies that damage businesses and employment opportunities, here are some tips on fixing these problematic Google search results.


Jodat Law Group reviews and gives Tips for Handling Digital Attacks

Jodat Law Group reviews and gives Tips for Handling Digital Attacks

Should you detect a spurious gripe submitted about you and your firm, it is O.K. to provide a compelling defense at once, nevertheless always keep it polite. The libels facing you are a type of emotional combat; you will most likely win or lose the minds of your would-be clients, depending on how you interact. BEAR IN MIND: Issue ONLY one rebuttal on the actual gripe site, if you keep updating it, then the problem complaint will certainly attain elevated positions. Fear not, you can easily show the audience that the absence of other responses is not verification of guilt, by opening up your one-time answer with something like the following:

“I will not take part in an open-ended debate on this web page, it will only stimulate even more hatred by my antagonist (or other fitting description). Notwithstanding, I respectfully tender this single answer for the sake of my clients’ consideration”


  1. DO NOT reply to older complaints on the complaint site, or you can just increase its Google rank, Google likes dispute, & cedes extra value to perpetual quarrels. It is best to let ancient articles pass away.
  2. DO NOT be inordinately defensive, do you remember Shakespeare: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” that is a quote from the 1600 stage play Hamlet.This has been plied as a figure of speech, to point out someone’s eager and frequent endeavors to convince others of some concern, in so doing making him or herself look defensive and evasive.
  3. DON’T mention your opponent. Draw on 3rd person descriptions like “he” or “she”. Or else, you’ll probably anger these people further. More importantly, it appears cheesy and ruthless to the audience. Forbearance = Class.
  4. DO POST good material in relation to you and your corporation, occasionally the only quick fix for deleterious speech is even more speech. In the event that you don’t take charge of Google’s search engine results page for your full name, other people probably will, with or without your guidance, and it will likely end badly if he does not fancy you. If you have not posted much in the way of relevant, concise material about yourself, then Google will have no choice but to present the diatribe furnished by others, including those who don’t like you and your family.


  1. A group of professional online reputation management masters has happily given up their wisdom and tips, to this free help site namely
  2. This volunteer group maintains a freebie suggestion blog site at
  3. The Facebook page is


Fee Based Online Reputation Repair firms are increasing, by virtue of Google’s search program, which seems to mysteriously offer at the very least, 1 damaging search engine result, for the majority of businesses and entrepreneurs.


You may have received SPAM emails from Lots of vendors are based in developing regions. Unfortunately, some make the most of frantic, hurting persons, searching for a quick fix for the damages being a result of their digital reputation dilemmas. Carry out due diligence, check that the specialists you retain write in your native lingo and that they provide verified documentation about who they are, and precisely where they are located.


“I’ll sue you!” is quite often the initial response from a person unjustly dishonored by online defamation. Regardless, this sort of decision most likely carries with it significant emotional weariness and misery. It is very important that you sit down, and meticulously the emotional and financial consequences before opening that particular can of worms.

If you do opt to file proceedings against your critic, take into consideration NOT pursuing monetary damages; if so the case will be less challenging. If your primary goal is the elimination of the denigrative search engine result, then you might just pursue (1) Declaratory Relief and (2) Injunctive Relief. Although declaratory relief is only a notice by the Law Court, that a specific thing is or is not so. For example, if in your proceedings you ask the judge to proclaim that the online claims made against you are incorrect, he or she will, hopefully, deliver findings to that tone. For these reasons, the court could very well also order that the detracting contents be removed from public view by the defendant. If the publisher protests, then in many cases various of the internet search engines will recognize the objective of the ruling, findings, and mandates, and erase the relevant data from their respective search indexes. That way, even when the libelous material remains within the original internet site, in effect, if it is not displayed in search engines, it may as well not exist, as it is extremely unlikely anyone will encounter it. Ergo, your intention of solving the ongoing credibility and reputation destruction will have been reached.

If your antagonist sees that the anguish that he or she caused you has been deleted, then the personal attack may start again, that being the case you could go back to court and request the court to provide subsequent injunctions. However ideally, the initial directives will incorporate language that controls additional instances of substantially similar allegations.


Protected: Justin Moers’ Ideas for Coping With Internet Defamation

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Clyde Cadiddlehopper’s Recommendations for Handling Online Slander Campaigns

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Clyde Cadiddlehopper’s Guide for Surviving Web Based Defamation

Clyde Cadiddlehopper has been tackling a destructive, remorseless, online libel attack. Clyde Cadiddlehopper’s adversary has targeted him as well as his corporation, without any justification, and indicated him in some horrible concerns that don’t need repeating.

Even so, Clyde has discovered a lot from this test, & has graciously permitted our team to post this circumspection openly so that you, the reader, will be far better trained, when incurring the hatefulness of a web-based troll, as Clyde has.


Whenever you see a fallacious gripe posted about you and your business, it is alright to upload a convincing defense asap, but keep it modest. The slanders facing you are a kind of emotional war; you may win or lose the minds of your future clients, depending on how you respond. BEAR IN MIND: Only issue one counterclaim on the actual gripe website page, if you don’t the article will likely build up greater Search engine positions. You can easily explain to the viewers that the absence of subsequent replies isn’t verification of guilt, by starting your single response with something like the following:

“I will not interact in an extended argument on this website, it will likely whip up even more ridicule by my antagonist (or other appropriate portrayal). But, I respectfully put forward this one-time answer for the interest of my clienteles’ assurance.”


  1. DO NOT answer old articles on the gripe site (“necroposting”), this will just increase their Google ranking, thrives with debate, and bestows further ranking to ongoing dialogues. You should just leave aged pages as they are.
  2. Don’t be overly defensive. Remember Shakespeare: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” which is an excerpt from the 1600 stage performance Hamlet.
    It’s applied as a figure of speech, in a range of styles, to call out someone’s vehement and frequent strivings to persuade some others of some concern, as a result making him or herself seem defensive, and hollow.
  3. DON’T name your antagonist. Put to use third person descriptions such as “he” or “she”. If you don’t, you will simply aggravate him or her even more. Furthermore, it seems sleazy and ruthless to the visitors. Coolness = Elegance.
  4. DO POST beneficial blogs & posts about you or your organization, in some cases, the only remedy for serious discourse, is much more chatter. If you do not take charge of Google’s search results page for your good name, somebody else may, with or without your consent, and it will most likely finish terribly if that person doesn’t approve of you. If you have not published much of useful, concise material about yourself, then Google has nothing to rank about you, except the garbage supplied by others, including those who may not like you and your livelihood.


  1. A group of dedicated online reputation management gurus have generously given way their experience and methodologies, to a non-profit site namely
  2. That same team keeps a complimentary strategy internet site at
  3. The Facebook page is


Fee-Based Online Reputation Repair operations are expanding, owing to Google’s search program, which seems mysteriously to provide a minimum of 1 bad search engine result, for many corporations and entrepreneurs.


There are countless services based in developing nations, who take advantage of desperate, injured consumers, searching for immediate help for the injury triggered by their Internet reputation difficulties. Perform due diligence, make certain that the practitioners you hire write in your native tongue and furnish complete transparency about who they are, and the place where they are based.


“I’ll sue you!” is quite often the number one response from an individual unjustly marred by online defamation. Regardless, such response typically brings along with it great psychological and mental exhaustion and misery. It is important that you relax, and very carefully count the financial and emotional consequences before opening that particular can of worms.

If you decide to enter a personal injury lawsuit against your detractor, think about NOT pursuing financial damages; if so the litigation will be less complicated. If your primary ambition is the removal of the injurious Google results, then you may very well merely ask for (1) Declaratory Relief and (2) Injunctive Relief. While, declaratory relief is only an affirmation by the Judge, which something is or is not so. As an example, if you ask the judge to certify that the internet accusations made against you are contrary to fact, he or she will, we hope, announce conclusions to that tone. Consequently, the judge would probably likewise order that the defamatory materials be blotted out from public view by the antagonist. If the publisher dissents, then in most cases every of the search engines will most likely observe the intent of the judgment, findings, and directives, and sanitize the offending content from their particular search indexes. By doing this, even if the injurious text remains on the problem internet site, the fact remains that, if it isn’t listed in search engines, it may as well not exist, as it is unlikely people will see it. As such, your goal of alleviating the open-ended credibility and reputation problem will have been reached.

If your adversary realizes that the torment that he or she has been causing you is erased, then the defamation could begin again if so you may return to the judge and request the judge to issue succeeding orders. But ideally, the initial directives will consist of language that limits future instances of similar claims.

HALF-COCKED: Dr Andrés Guadamuz of University of Sussex Technollama Blunder

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The Impulsive Folly of Prof. Andrés Guadamuz of Technollama

UPDATE: 12 Mar 2016  Dr. Janice Duffy responds to Prof. Guadamuz’s punditry

Technollama's DR Andréa Guadamuz reveals his true nature in a heartless commentary about a bullying survivor.Dr Andrés Guadamuz, a senior lecturer in intellectual property law for University of Sussex has picked a fight without really thinking about the consequences. In a series of  actions that can only be described as “drive-by punditry”, in this era of poor impulse control, and tweeting or blogging before the brain is in gear, Andrés Guadamuz may become the poster child for this new phenomena.

People who have problems thinking before tweeting, are much like angry drivers who think that no one they know is looking, their poor impulse control can reveal their true nature. Reasonable people will often concede to a more aggressive driver, not because they are weak, but because they are wise. Likewise, those who struggle with mental conditions such as inflated ego, entitlement complexes, and narcissistic or sociopathic personality disorders, will often manifest in traffic in disturbing ways. So too with ignorant and arrogant social networking users who tweet half-cocked.

Technollama Endangered Species - Dr Andres Guadamuz of University of Sussex

Technollama Endangered Species – Dr Andres Guadamuz of University of Sussex finds out what happens when a Llama kicks a Tiger in the Tail.

The full account of the rants of Technollama’s Dr Andres Guadamuz, of University of Sussex, and the subsequent justification of his actions, are detailed by the fellow academic he attacked, Dr Janice Duffy, in here Authorized Statement in response to his punditry.

Test Search Title Extension FFFGDDRT

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Test Search Title Extension FFFGDDRT

SCAM ALERT! Joseph Grossi of Renewed Solution

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SCAM ALERT! Joseph Grossi of Renewed Solution Germany

SCAM ALERT! Joseph Grossi of Renewed Solution Germany

Fake name Joe Grossi is part of a sophisticated romance scammers operating on German dating site Elite Partner: Joseph Grossi of “Renewed Solution” and other fake businesses with basic websites are frauds. Joe is operating out of Lisbon Portugal. There have been similar stories to other fake profiles operated by these scammers, and their fake companies. Those fake company websites have now been taken down thanks to our activism.

ROMANCE FRAUD! Renewed Solution CEO Joseph Grossi is not Real – Joe Grossi

Joe Grossi was born in Germany, grew up in the USA, and recently moved back to Germany to establish a renewable energy company following the death/divorce of his wife

These pictures of Joseph Grossi are in fact a stolen pictures which have been associated with numerous scams on the web.

Because the face of the scammer does not match the photo. This is why he will NEVER do a video calls with their targets.

If you are already communicating with “Joseph”, then DO NOT SEND HIM MONEY when he thinks you trust him, they will spend several months of months “grooming” you before asking for money.

If you are in contact with this individual, please contact us through the Romance Scam Victim Help Request form below.

Fill out my online form.

Fill out my online form.