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ILLEGAL ROBOCALLS: Jared Russell of Caught Red Handed

In Uncategorized on February 14, 2020 at 9:45 pm’s Jared Russell Using Illegal Robcalling Technology

The following recording was made on mid-February 2020 when an illegal RoboCaller transferred me to Jared Russell of My number is on the FTC’s do-not-call registry.

A robocall trying to sell you something is illegal unless a company has your written permission to call you that way. To get your permission, the company has to be clear it’s asking to call you with robocalls, and it can’t make you agree to the calls to get a product or service. If you give permission, you have the right to change your mind later.

Neither Jared Russell nor had my permission to make robocalls to me. Less than 24 hours later another Robocall came from the same number 855-997-4476

Jared sounded a little confused when he took the call, almost as if he wasn’t expecting the call. I surmised that this means he very rarely has someone like my pressing “1” to be put through. Therefore, if the Robocaller is making one call per minute, and Jared only gets one person elected to be transferred every week or so, then Jared Russell is wasting approximately 50 hours of his unknown victim’s time, collectively each week. This is not cool Jared…

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Jeff LaBerge Provides Suggestions to the USDA

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Jeff LaBerge’s Recommendations to the USDA re: “Establishment of a Domestic Hemp Production Plan”.

My name is Jeff LaBerge, CEO of Viaspace California. I am writing to complement the USDA for supplying interim hemp regulations but also to share my serious worries regarding crucial elements of the laws, as outlined below. If passed as presently created, I think these laws would be devastating for the emerging hemp market and cause the unnecessary damage of thousands of acres of hemp.

There are several locations of the DHP that will profit the hemp market. Specifically:

1) Presently, numerous financial institutions see ventures with the hemp industry as a legal or regulative risk. The DHP ought to provide the banking sector with added comfort doing business with the lawful hemp and CBD industries.

2) The DHP formalizes interstate business involving hemp and hemp items and that neither federal nor state police officials can disrupt the interstate transport of hemp or hemp products.

3) We welcome the fact the DHP supplies adaptability to hemp farmers pertaining to THC testing. Especially, giving a margin of error for laboratory in testing and sampling, in addition to the possibility to retest samples. Currently, the THC sampling and testing guidelines are too stringent and will trigger logistical difficulties for farmers.

hemp farm managed by jeff laberge

This is a California based hemp farm, managed by Jeff LaBerge

Respectfully submitted by Jeff LaBerge

Jeff holds over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy and agriculture industry. You can see Jeff’s hemp farm up close here.

Dr Sunny Handa discusses Effective Work Relationships

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Dr Sunny Handa, an industrial-organizational psychologist from Vancouver, talked in a previous post about how employee satisfaction influences performance at the office. Among the elements that influence staff member joy is work relations. Activities and behaviours with coworkers primarily determine those work relations.

Dr Sunny Handa
Dr Sunny Handa, I/O Psychologist from Vancouver

Improve work relationships with Dr Sunny Handa

These are the ways to create a favorable, encouraging, inspirational work environment for people.

Bring Suggested Solutions to the Meeting

Some employees spend an excessive amount of time determining issues. Thoughtful options are the challenge that will undoubtedly make recognition and affection from your coworkers and employers.
Safeguarding your solution until a better or improved solution is chosen by the team is also a plus. Your commitment to the execution of the option lastly selected issues in concept generation, too.

Avoid the Blame Game

By playing the blame game, you estrange colleagues, managers, and reporting personnel. Yes, you might require to determine who was associated with a problem. Dr Sunny Handa suggests asking this: what concerning the work system caused the worker to fail?

Yet claiming that it’s not your fault and publicly identifying and blaming others for failings won’t earn you points. Throwing other employees under the bus, whether it’s privately or openly, will get you enemies. You need allies at the workplace. Remember this if you wish to accomplish your goals and desires.

Your Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Issues.

If you patronize another staff member, use sarcasm, or sound nasty, coworkers hear you. Humans are all walking radars that continuously explore the atmosphere. When you talk to a coworker with a lack of respect, you also send a message to coworkers around you.
Respecting each other must be a characteristic of yourself and your company.

Never Blind Side Colleague or your Boss.

If the first time a colleague hears about a problem in a team conference or from an email sent out to their manager, you have blindsided the coworker. Always talk about issues with the person first.

When ambushing your coworkers, you will certainly never construct effective work alliances. Coworkers need to be able to trust you. And without partnerships, you will certainly never achieve one of the most vital goals for your work and career. You can not do it alone, so treat your colleagues as you would like them to treat you.

Keep Your Obligations.

In an organization, work is interconnected. If you fail to satisfy deadlines and obligations, you impact the job of other employees. Consistently maintain responsibilities. If you can’t, make sure all impacted staff members are aware. Give a new due date and make every effort to make the brand-new deadline.

It is not right for an organization to just silently permit due dates to slip by. Your colleagues, even if they don’t confront you, will believe much less of you and disrespect your activities. Do not think that they really did not see that the target date passed. You insult them if you even take into consideration the opportunity that they didn’t discover.

Share Merit for Success and Contributions.

How often do you complete a goal or complete a job without any assistance from others? If you are a manager, how many of the fantastic ideas you promote were given by a team member?
Dr Sunny Handa recommends to take the time to say thanks, honor, identify and specify the contributions of individuals that help you be successful. It is a no-fail technique for constructing efficient job connections.

Help Other Staff Members Find Their Talents.

Every coworker has talents, skills, and experience. If you can aid fellow staff members harness their best skills, you benefit the company immeasurably.

Compliment, praise, and recognize their contributions. You don’t have to be a supervisor to help develop a positive, inspiring environment for employees. They will certainly always remember that you were part of bringing it out of them. Those interpersonal work partnerships are valued.

Learn more about Sunny Handa on Behance, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter or Crunchbase.

JT Foxx Events 2019

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According to DigitalJournal, going to the JT Foxx events 2019 is “a day well spend.”

Overview JT Foxx events 2019.

Concerning JT Foxx Mega Events 2019

JT Foxx developed Mega EventsMega Profits and Mega Success initially to educate others how to end up being profitable in Real Estate investments. From there, it quickly turned into a Worldwide Business of assisting other business owners and entrepreneurs with just about anything and everything their companies might need. Now he delivers business coaching, events, and special training’s all around the world.

The property panel on JT Foxx events 2019 "Mega Success"
The property panel on JT Foxx events 2019 “Mega Success”

As an organization, JT and his professionals are on a mission to assist turn people’s ideals into a vision and success. Most people who desire to begin their own business are undecided where to even begin. Some other, who may have actually launched their business, are uncertain if they are carrying out the right things or making the right decisions. The JT Foxx events are here to help you start your company or keep your business expanding as you grow.

JT and his team offer’s one-on-one mentoring, focused events, other mentors, and basic events held all across the world. For people who wish to register with their organization, they are given a first one-on-one session to identify the best plan of action derived on their desired goals and timeline.

A glimpse of what it looks like:

The JT Foxx Mega Profits event offers the ideal mix of high-level mentoring, interactive participant engagement and relationship building chances. What makes this gathering different is that it is about you, your goals and your ideas, and is developed for all levels of experience in business. No matter if you are starting new, starting over, or simply looking for the next step to taking your business strategies to the next level, you will leave this event with a layout of action steps required.

At the JT Foxx events it is about you and your goals
At the JT Foxx events it is about you and your goals

Attend JT Foxx Events for Free

Events are held all around the world, stretching from 3 hour power sessions, 1 Day, and 2 Day events. These are geared towards much larger groups of business owners and entrepreneurs to deal with the broad spectrum of all things you need to know in business. Visit JT Foxx’s site to participate in an event for free.

Not sure yet? See what other people say about the events to know what you can learn from JT.

Learn more on and LinkedIn.

Award-Winning Infinity Group Bella Vista

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In 2013, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker launched Infinity Group Bella Vista in Port Macquarie. When Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker began Infinity Group, they had one vision: to restore the Australian loan industry. Holm knew that too many people in Australia live from paycheck to paycheck to make minimum loan repayments over 30 years. With Infinity, he wanted to change this.

What started giving acquaintances and relatives recommendations on how best to invest, quickly transformed into a business. Infinity Group Australia now has offices Sydney, Melbourne as well as Brisbane.

Infinity Group Bella Vista founders
Founders of Infinity Group Bella Vista

Infinity Group growth in Bella Vista

Infinity’s concept is to deliver continuous direction and support throughout the client loan venture. Graeme sees his business as “a personal trainer for monetary resources.”‘ Just as going to working out without a personal trainer often brings less significant results so you will achieve less significant results without someone guiding you in financial matters,” Holm explains.

Infinity Group Bella Vista’s vision to become a personal trainer for people’s finances has directed the business to be a top-ranking provider and financial leader.

As one of the country’s top 100 brokers, Graeme and his team go further than what typical brokers provide. They make their customers economically fit for life.

The team at Infinity Group Bella Vista assist households with debt control, riches development, and retirement strategies. The financial investment services offered by Infinity’s team demonstrate that the professional guidance and support brings results every time. They truly understand the difference between a want and a need. They keep their clients accountable to give every dollar a purpose.

Infinity Group Bella Vista’s Approach to Debt

Infinity Group does not believe debt consolidation is the solution. They don’t want to deliver unreliable short-term solutions. Instead, they focus on developing long-term plans for getting rid of debt and producing wealth.
You may ask how Infinity Group Australia differs from other broker services. Graeme explains that their whole approach is different, to begin with. His team dives into substantial detail around household expenditures and family necessities, not just wants. Infinity works with clients to understand, fine-tune and assist in executing a weekly cash-based budget plan. This plan includes essentials such as weekly groceries, fuel, travel expenses, and recreation.”

The office in Bella Vista continues to grow. To be a part of this, contact Infinity through the website, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn company profile.

Infinity Group also wants to encourage Australians to be more generous in sharing their blessings with others. Take a look at their charity encouragement website to learn more.

Who are we

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A Study by Samuel W Meyer in Charity Scams

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A Study by Samuel W Meyer in Charity Scams

Charity Scam reviewed by Samuel W Meyer

Charity Scam reviewed by Samuel W Meyer: Outbound telemarketing Business”InfoCision” Donation Scam

After Samuel W Meyer learned about the “InfoCision” Charity Scam, he urges all potential benefactors to enter into the dirty globe of big charity fundraising with eyes wide open.

How Samuel W Meyer recommends Choosing a Honorable Charity

Prior to committing your hard-earned cash to a philanthropic organization, it is necessary that you do some fundamental due diligence to guarantee that a lot of your funds, actually wind up as direct aid. Unfortunately, Samuel W Meyer found there are lots of unscrupulous fraudsters that exploit sympathetic benefactors, to line their very own pockets.

If you do not have the time to do the due persistance, then you can drop back on Samuel’s study. He has actually been maintaining tabs on several of the even more preferred mainstream charities, and also has been disappointed by exorbitant administration charges, that route billions of dollars into the pockets of “lawyers”, which remain in many situations nothing even more compared to compensation based telesales individuals. Unfortunately, the sales individuals make use of a selection of sensible fallacies to attract your emotions and also redirect the profits of your great intentions into their very own pockets, as well as the ‘charity’ owners.

Samuel’s Recommended Charities

These charities are not provided in any specific order.

Why World Vision? 

For each buck donated to World Vision, even more compared to a buck’s well worth of help gets to kids and their family members. Find out more …

Why Empathy International?

In the 2015 fiscal year, 81.8 % of their donations went straight in ordering to help kids in their programs. This is among the greatest portions for a youngster sponsorship organization. My spouse and also I fund kids through Compassion.

Why Destiny Rescue?

They have actually rescued over 1,400 kids from exploitation and trafficking considering that 2011, they have actually assisted maintain hundreds a lot more from going into the sex-trade via different avoidance programs, guarantee justice for those that have actually been wronged and have actually elevated recognition to unimaginable numbers. Make a contribution or Sponsor a group residence for rescued youngsters

Learn more Tips from Samuel W Meyer

Validated Reviews for Samuel

Certified review score

Samuel’s client appreciation score

S. Meyer also wrote an article with tips on dealing with digital attacks.





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TechniTrader Reviews Response to Online Complaints

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TechniTrader Reviews the online Complaints against the firm

If you searched the internet for TechniTrader reviews and info on their trading and investing education business, you may have seen a few negative and defaming TechniTrader reviews. TechniTrader takes great pleasure in the education programs they provide and that’s why the company decided to share their side of the story.

The firm regularly investigates libellous TechniTrader reviews and have already responded to some of the negative reviews to explain that certain issue. Several of TechniTrader’s pupils also provided a response to some of the defaming TechniTrader reviews by sharing their genuine view on the TechniTrader programs.

Since 1998, TechniTrader received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company always responded quickly and thoroughly to formally submitted complaints and always have been able to settle a legitimate request.

TechniTrader’s # 1 goal is to provide top quality stock market schooling. TechniTrader continuously reviews and updates their programs to keep up with shifts in the stock market and other relevant markets. The company works individually with their pupils to help them establish their own trading strategy. This guidance is continuous and there is no time limit for getting training support when you need it.

TechniTrader does not only offer comprehensive schooling on the stock market and numerous strategies of trading in their main course called the ‘Methodology Essentials Course’. They also provide a committed assistance network, which the student reviews represent as well.

We want to encourage everyone to do their own research when they encounter negative TechniTrader reviews. We are confident that when you examine our services, how we do business and who we are, you will see that there is not a more qualified stock market education company. Thank you for taking the time to read this TechniTrader review.



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OPEN LETTER: [organisation] of [LOCATION] [CATEGORY] – Malicious Reviews & False Complaints

OPEN LETTER: [organisation] of [LOCATION] [CATEGORY] – False Complaints and Malicious Reviews


Re: Offer of free help to restore your damaged online reputation caused by false customer reviews against [organisation] of [LOCATION] ([ CATEGORY]


To: The CEO of [organisation] of [LOCATION]

| You are probably painfully aware of damaging Google search results for” [organisation] of [LOCATION]. Almost all of the websites that are hosting these attacks against [organisation] have been, for the most part, found to be not credible. Hence, they are causing you considerable damage by way of lost opportunities when prospective customers research [organisation] Some metrics that are especially relevant to your problem, are expressed in this infographic titled Alarming Statistics on the damage Google results can do to you or your business reputation

FREE HELP for [organisation]

Because you have need in this area, our team of volunteer experts in Online Reputation Management is at your service. Consequently, we have published many free help resources to help hide these problem Google searches for [organisation] They are available here:


In addition to the free help linked above, the same team offers professional fee-based consulting if you can not manage the problem internally:

Click to Display [organisation]’s Problem Google Search Results

& teams

Open Letter to [organisation] of [LOCATION] [CATEGORY]

|TAGS: Reviews, Complaints, [organisation], [LOCATION],
|Keywords: [organisation], [LOCATION], Complaints, Reviews,.
|Description: [organisation] of [LOCATION] is struggling with fake customer complaints that appear of Page 1 of Google Search. This is common for [CATEGORY] vendors, but the problem can be overcome.

Question for #Integrity20

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CONTEXT: Amit Singhal, Google Senior VP, characterized Google as “…the biggest kingmaker on this Earth”. To a growing number of people “Google IS the Internet”, and if google says so, then so it is, even though its search algorithms are proprietary deployed at Googles good pleasure.

QUESTION: Should Google’s ability to effect mass changes to the “cognitive mapping” of the world for political, social and moral values be checked by watchdogs at national or international levels?