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SCAM: Metallic Star Vacation Prizes – Identity Theft Hackers

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BEWARE: If You Received¬† “Scratch & Win” Prize Cards From Malaysia By Postal Mail IT IS A SCAM

You probably scratched and received an instant $180,000.00 prize. But, the prize card instructs you to call a Malaysian phone number, this is just an elaborate, full colour SCAM to steal your identity. DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION to these scammer/hackers!

Note, the scammers website was only created in may 2016 through an untraceable proxy domain registration service.

They even impersonate the Malaysian Police Service by placing a Police Seal on the envelope. As if the police would officially send out free Scratch & Win cards?!?!

SCAM: Metallic Star Vacation Prizes - Identity Theft Hackers

SCAM: Metallic Star Vacation Prizes – Identity Theft Hackers

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BEWARE: Chariot Asset Management Smells Bad Pitching “SolarWindow Technologies”

Chariot Asset Management SolarWindow Technologies Possible Scam

Chariot Asset Management SolarWindow Technologies Possible Scam

We have not yet concluded if Chariot Asset Management’s claims that it is authorized to sell stock in “SolarWindow Technologies” are true or false. But you are cautioned to do your homework. Just because their template emails link to all kinds of Yahoo finance boards, it does not mean they are legitimate.

Do you due diligence, contact Solar Wind DIRECTLY and ask if it is legitimate: SolarWind Contact Form


  1. CHARIOTASSETMANAGEMENT.COM was only registered on May 2016
  2. The domain was registered through an anonymous offshore domain registration service (in Panama) that accepts CASH payments through the mail, so that website operators cannot be identified, and that does not respond to subpoenas.
  3. Why would a legitimate stock broker or investment agency use the same domain registration services and thousands of gambling, pornography and other illegal or questionable “businesses”?



VICTIM HELP: Eccotopia Stock Scam – Boiler Room Cold Calls

In Financial Scams on January 26, 2015 at 12:09 pm

It has been alleged that Eccotopia Ltd is operated by a scam investment group.

They allegedly changes their names regularly in order to avoid exposing new victims to the scam alerts posted by past victims.

Initially the worthless stock was peddled by Aichi International Later they morphed into Daido Holdings Group, and then to GMO Global ,

If you have been caught by this group or been contacted by them, please submit a request through the address below: