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SMEARED: Frederick J. Pollak CEO Tracfone has a “Google Problem”

In Removing Search Results on May 20, 2015 at 7:25 pm

This is one of those amazing cases where a high profile public or business personality has his or her reputation hammered by unethical websites, operating behind loopholes in laws that allow them to publish defamation without fear of liability.

Frederick J. Pollak is CEO of Tracfone, which will be approaching $2 billion in annual revenue in 2015. And yet, a cursory googling of Pollak returns disturbing search result pages. The problem is, Google seems to have a rapacious appetite for scandal, to compound this appetite, Google seems to give undue preference to unfounded negative sentiment causing it to rank very high in search results when closely associated with proper nouns, such as business names, when this case, the personal name of Frederick J. Pollak.

Our friends at have developed a system that can suppress these types of search results quickly and economically. Simply enter the search phrases that display unfavorable results in Google Search and choose your country (other countries available after submitting):

Schlumberger Layoffs Google Results Cause Confidence Crisis

In Removing Search Results on May 20, 2015 at 6:03 pm

Google search engine has an interesting little provision that attempt to read her mind, it is called “auto suggest”, if someone begins to type a word, for example “Schlumberger”, then Google provides several suggestions as to what that person might be searching for. Unfortunately for Schlumberger, at the top of the list is “Schlumberger Layoffs”. Naturally, if someone looking into the company was not aware of the layoff issue, there would be none the wiser. But thanks to Google, and unnatural emphasis can be given to embarrassing situations.

There are not many things, even a huge organization like Schlumberger, can do to control such a crisis outbreak. There is very limited professional help available, although the engineers at have developed a solution that ethically suppresses on several search results. I have embedded the query form below, feel free to try it out and see how it works:

Simply enter the search phrases that display unfavorable results in Google Search and choose your country:


In, Removing Search Results on February 18, 2015 at 8:43 pm

Q: Who owns A: Mediolex Ltd.  which operates out of Riga Latvia. The website is often abused by unethical business people to defame their honest competitors, but the website has noble intentions, specifically ousting scammers and shoddy operators.

Request removal of defamation from Google search results

You can obtain a quote to have the problem solved within a few weeks or months by entering the problem such terms in the field below, this might be your business name or company name:

Input the search terms, such as your name or brand, that is causing negative search results in Google:

Free Help:

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Ripoffreport Verified Safe Alternative Removal Solutions

In Gripe Sites, Online Privacy, Removing Search Results on September 25, 2014 at 1:14 pm Removes Google Search Results Removes Google Search Results

From the perspective of customer psychology, you probably do not want your business name associated with the term “ripoff report”, even if the administrator of the consumer review site charges you to change “negative to positive”. It stands to reason that the appearance of the word “Ripoff” in Google search results will still scare away your customers. is a simple solution that can remove ANYTHING, including Ripoff Report from the first page of Google search results. In doing so, 94% less people will be exposed to the Ripoff Report allegations about you (according to Google statistics).

For an obligation free quote for sanitizing Google search results for your business or personal name, visit

BadBoyReport, Blackmail & “Cadillacer”

In BadBoyReport, Removing Search Results on November 3, 2013 at 3:01 am

You may submit a request to remove ANY search result from the first page of Google, within weeks by completing the steps on this page:

Now, about BadBoyReport.

“Cadillacer” is In all probability, not an individual.  It appears that Cadillacer is a bot (robot) that scrapes personal information from the online sources and then  reconstitutes that information with  flaming aspersions of wrongdoing against victims.  it has been suggested by some that this is part of an Internet extortion scheme.

On Nov 02, 2013, there were more than 80,000 results returned for a Google search for the exact phrase “posted by cadillacer”. this incredible number of postings is the main evidence supporting the guess that it is a robot rather than a real person. Alternatively, it could be a group of individuals in an organized “Boiler Room” operation.

Try the search yourself:

The Cadillac user name is a central element of an Internet shakedown scheme involving the website (recently changed from, presumably due to litigation with a similar website in the United States) that  suggests a $9,999.00 “donation” if a victim wishes to have the defamatory allegations deleted from the website, and  as a consequence also disappearing from Google search results. It is likely that the operators of the scheme will do a “find and replace” and  randomize the Cadillacer user name so that the scheme is not so obvious in the future. The 80,000+ results have been memorialized with the following screen shot taken on Nov 02,2013:


Who Is Cadillacer of Bad Boy Report?

Who Is Cadillacer of Bad Boy Report?

How to mitigate this defamation?

Step 1: Remove it!

Ask the team to remove BadBoyReport from the first page of Google withing weeks.

Step 2: Shout Louder

The following is an effective short term damage control provision. You can give your associates comfort in knowing that you are a victim, not a perpetrator, by publishing an Authorized Statement on page 1 of Google. If Google and the other search engines eventually remove from their respective search results, you can then delete your Authorized Statement or use it for another purpose.

Publish an Authorized Statement Here

Step 2: Report a Crime

If you are a victim of this defamation and extortion, you should report it to the FBI if you are in the USA, or to your cyber crime police in other countries. (keep in mind that only about 6% of cyber crimes are actually investigated in most countries)

Make an IC3 crime report here.