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HALF-COCKED: Dr Andrés Guadamuz of University of Sussex Technollama Blunder

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The Impulsive Folly of Prof. Andrés Guadamuz of Technollama

UPDATE: 12 Mar 2016  Dr. Janice Duffy responds to Prof. Guadamuz’s punditry

Technollama's DR Andréa Guadamuz reveals his true nature in a heartless commentary about a bullying survivor.Dr Andrés Guadamuz, a senior lecturer in intellectual property law for University of Sussex has picked a fight without really thinking about the consequences. In a series of  actions that can only be described as “drive-by punditry”, in this era of poor impulse control, and tweeting or blogging before the brain is in gear, Andrés Guadamuz may become the poster child for this new phenomena.

People who have problems thinking before tweeting, are much like angry drivers who think that no one they know is looking, their poor impulse control can reveal their true nature. Reasonable people will often concede to a more aggressive driver, not because they are weak, but because they are wise. Likewise, those who struggle with mental conditions such as inflated ego, entitlement complexes, and narcissistic or sociopathic personality disorders, will often manifest in traffic in disturbing ways. So too with ignorant and arrogant social networking users who tweet half-cocked.

Technollama Endangered Species - Dr Andres Guadamuz of University of Sussex

Technollama Endangered Species – Dr Andres Guadamuz of University of Sussex finds out what happens when a Llama kicks a Tiger in the Tail.

The full account of the rants of Technollama’s Dr Andres Guadamuz, of University of Sussex, and the subsequent justification of his actions, are detailed by the fellow academic he attacked, Dr Janice Duffy, in here Authorized Statement in response to his punditry.

CHILD SEX SCANDAL?: Starri Hedges teacher at Gaia Democratic School MN

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Teacher Starri Hedges Minor Sex Store Scandal Minnesota

Teacher Starri Hedges Minor Sex Store Scandal Minnesota

Apparently,  teacher Starri Hedges took it on herself to expose her students, as young as 11yo, to pornographic paraphernalia, including sex toys, at an adult sex novelty shop in Minneapolis recently. Hopefully she will be stripped of her teaching credentials and subjected to restrictions similar to those of convicted sex offenders.

Grant Wilson, the Minneapolis Business License Manager  described  Starri Hedges’  field trip decision as “poor judgement” and apparently his office would be investigating the store to see if any  laws were broken and exposing the minors this material.

According to media reports, Starri Hedges described the field trip as “beautiful”.  It is this writer’s opinion that, in a best case scenario, it might appears that Starri Hedges may possess some type of entitlement disorder, as evidenced by the lack of remorse and boundaries. At worst, her behavior may have been prompted by some underlying pedophile urgings,  such a conclusion might be drawn by the apparent enjoyment she experienced by the reactions of the children and defense of her decision, based on subsequent interviews. Either way, it might be prudent for parents in the area to establish healthy boundaries between this individual and their children.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  is imperative that the reader understand this is an opinion piece, and Ms. Hedges is not being accused of being a pedophile, in fact there is no evidence available to this research team to suggest this is the case, beyond very circumstantial evidence as laid out above. Notwithstanding, when it comes to our children, we should probably adopt a zero tolerance approach to any perceived risks to their healthy upbringing, managed by their parents, as opposed to teachers who think their job exceeds the scope of what is generally expected and tolerated by most.