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LIES & FAKE NEWS: Journalist Bill Lamb WDRB President & General Manager vs Gov. Matt Bevin

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LIES? Bill Lamb WDRB President Called Out as a Liar by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin tore anew one for News Manipulator Bill Lamb, WDRB President & General Manager. Gov. Bevin concluded that Journalist Bill Lamb is either (a) Not smart enough to understand what Gov. Bevin actually said, or (b) thinks that his news show listeners are not smart enough to realize that Bill Lamb is lying to them. I have adopted (b) as my own opinion.

Ethical Breach Journalist Bill Lamb WDRB/WMYO President & General Manager caught Lying

Gov. Matt Bevin Court journalist Bill Lam from WDRB in a boldfaced lie to his viewers recently.

I have no dog in this fight, in fact I live in Australia and had never heard of Gov. Bevin before today. But, I give this guy kudos. He was both gracious, and direct with the journalists. He gave some benefit of the doubt for their foolishness, but that grace in my view is not deserved. I watched some of the news articles and interviews with Gov. Bevin about his preannounced meetings about the power of prayer, and he made it unambiguously clear what should be expected with his announcement. Furthermore, he accurately predicted that he would be mocked and ridiculed for his ideas, and yet these unethical journalists still couldn’t resist the opportunity to twist the truth, despite a very clear warning that the reporting would likely come under intense scrutiny.

Even if you have no connection to Kentucky or the United States, I strongly urge you to watch this 12 minute video Where Gov. Bevin politely exposes the misdeeds of Journalist Bill Lamb, and others. It is a beautiful example of logic, rhetoric and granmma being used simply, and effectively to combat lies and expose those in a position of public responsibility, i.e. the media, who breach said responsibility because of their inability to set bias aside, and report accurately.

BAD NEWS: SBS Hires Controversial Editor Ben Naparstek After Funding Cuts

In Poor Journalistic Ethics on July 27, 2015 at 7:59 pm

SBS’s Appointment of Ben Naparstek as Online Editor is Bad for Australia

SBS' Ben Naparstek scrutinized by licensed private investigator

Ben Naparstek of SBS is a subject of intense scrutiny by licensed private investigator, after disclosure of serious breaches in editorial ethics.

SBS’s new editor, Ben Naparstek, has been praised for his meteoric rise through Australian media at a very young age. Notwithstanding, a brief look through the fanfare reveals a murky past that demands more scrutiny. As a vocal 5th Estate journalist and licensed private investigator, it is my considered opinion that young Mr. Naparstek is unworthy of the accolades he has received, for the simple reason that the title of “Editor”, as it is customarily used, is nothing more than a disguise for his not so obvious specialty, namely,  “PAGEVIEW JOURNALISM“.

In the two years that I have been observing Naparstek closely, I have seen that he uses his editorial license to generate sensational headlines. These twisted truths are tantamount to bait-and-switch tactics, used to bring readers to his online “stories”. Once the audience has been captured, his employers monetize those “page views”, either through advertising banner impressions and/or “Pay-Per-Click” display ads. Such insidious tactics would not fit with, or benefit SBS’s traditional funding model. However, Malcolm Turnbull, the Federal Communications Minister, recently revealed that SBS has asked to have its advertising restrictions lifted following millions in funding cuts. This should be cause for great concern to the Australian public, who would otherwise expect unbiased and honest journalism from ABC and SBS ($BS ?). Even more so with the likes of Ben Naparstek at the helm of online Editorial content for

Editorial Ethics Alert: Ben Naparstek Of Fairfax Media

Editorial Ethics Alert: Ben Naparstek of SBS is scrutinized by journalist & Licensed Private Investigator Michael Roberts

Here are a few excerpts on the story about Turnbull from November last year:

Mr Turnbull said the government will introduce legislation to parliament in 2015 to amend the SBS Act 1991 that would allow the broadcaster to change its advertising arrangements.”


A legislative change to allow SBS to generate further revenue by changing its advertising arrangements will bring the total savings returned to the budget to $53.7 million or 3.7 per cent,” he said.​”


Tell Your Story:

If you have been a victim of fallacious journalism or “hatchet-jobs”, we want to hear from you. You have a right-of-reply, we’ll help you get it.

BUSTED: Journalist Leonard Pitts Jr Use of Logical Fallacies in Ethical Breach – Miami Herald

In Poor Journalistic Ethics on June 25, 2015 at 11:34 am

Leonard-Pitts-Jr-Journalist-Miami-Herald-Glenn-BeckIn his June 23, 2015 article titles “Leonard Pitts Jr.: A racist hate crime, pure and simple, Pitts employs the use of the logical fallacy known as “Black-or-White Thinking”. Given the context of the article, the irony will not be missed by many, but the term “Black or White” refers to what is also known as a “False Dilemma Logical Fallacy”, as opposed to having anything to do with the color of skin.

Reduced to its simplest form, Leonard Pitts Jr’s word-crime, in this instance, is where he presented two alternatives or interpretations as the only possibilities.  Although not expressly stated, it appears that Pitts is using intellectual dishonesty in a veiled attempt to goad  his readers into concluding that Glenn Beck, and others who wondered about the true motive for the Charleston church murders, are either (A) stupid or (B) in denial.  Another famous example of the use of a Black-or-White logical fallacy was when Pres. George W. Bush said “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists”; when in fact there are many alternative positions that third parties might have taken, such as simply wanting to mind their own business.

19 black or whiteBlack or White, also known as the False Dilemma, this insidious tactic has the appearance of forming a logical argument, but under closer scrutiny it becomes evident that there are more possibilities than the either/or choice that is presented. Binary, black-or-white thinking doesn’t allow for the many different variables, conditions, and contexts in which there would exist more than just the two possibilities put forth. It frames the argument misleadingly and obscures rational, honest debate. Ref:

Other Logical Fallacies used by Journalist Leonard Pitts Jr. to Deceive Readers.

02 false causeFalse Cause
Pitts presumed that a real or perceived relationship between things means that one is the cause of the other.

03 appeal to emotionAppeal to Emotion
Pitts attempted to manipulate an emotional response in place of a valid or compelling argument.

06 ad homAd Hominem
Pitts attacked his opponent’s character or personal traits in an attempt to undermine their arguments.

08 personal incredulityPersonal Incredulity
Because Pitts found something difficult to understand, or is unaware of how it works, he suggests it’s probably not true.

16 compositionComposition/Division Fallacy
Pitts assumed that one part of something has to be applied to all, or other, parts of it; or that the whole must apply to its parts.

18 geneticGenetic Fallacy
Pitts judged something as bad on the basis of where it comes from, or from whom it came. This fallacy avoids the argument by shifting focus onto something’s or someone’s origins. It’s similar to an ad hominem fallacy in that it leverages existing negative perceptions to make someone’s argument look bad, without actually presenting a case for why the argument itself lacks merit.

20 begging the questionBegging the Question
Pitts presented a circular argument in which the conclusion was included in the premise. This logically incoherent argument often arises in situations where people have an assumption that is very ingrained, and therefore taken in their minds as a given.
i.e. The crime was racially motivated because the victims were black.

22 anecdotalAnecdotal Fallacy
Pitts used personal experience or opinion instead of a sound argument or compelling evidence. It’s often much easier for people to believe someone’s testimony as opposed to understanding complex data and variation across a continuum. He is taking advantage of most readers likely inclination to believe that which is tangible to them, in this case, the word of someone they trust (himself as journalist), over more ‘abstract’ statistical realities or evidence.

01 strawmanStrawman Fallacy
Pitts misrepresented Glenn’s argument to make it easier to attack. Pitts wrote “And Glenn Beck’s professed confusion about the shooter’s motive?”, whereas, Glenn did not indicate he was confused, his message was more along the lines that until there is more information, he would not, rather, could not draw conclusions. A lesson Mr. Pitts must have missed in Journalism 101.

Michael Roberts Estonia smAbout the Author

Michael Roberts is a journalist and licensed private investigator. He is passionate about the truth and exposing duplicity and bias in mainstream media.

HATCHET JOB: Jim Justice Southern Coal Tycoon Victim of Fallacious Journalism?

In Internet Defamation Victims List, Poor Journalistic Ethics on June 3, 2015 at 9:08 am
DEFAMED Jim Justice Southern Coal

DEFAMED Jim Justice Southern Coal

According to Forbes Southern Coal’s Jim Justice is West Virginia’s richest man, with $1.6 billion in net worth. These types of business leaders attract scrutiny from journalists, desperate for “stories”. It has been said, “never let the truth get in the way of a good story”.

Southern Coal CEO Jim Justice is a victim of Journalistic Defamation

Before believing what your read or hear, even if it is under the NPR flag, thinking people should seek out original source documentation and actual witnesses to the event reported.

Internet Defamation & How to Suppress Google Search Results

Defamation victims, such as Jim Justice, can seek professional assistance in suppressing these demeaning search results. As an example, if you as a reader are struggling with this problem, simply enter the problem search terms, such as your business name or personal name, and follow the prompts below:

BUSTED: Nick Hytrek Journalist Sioux City Journal Biased and Unethical Reporting

In Poor Journalistic Ethics on March 15, 2015 at 10:46 am
Nick Hytrek accused of biased and unethical reporting

Sioux City Journal Reporter Nick Hytrek accused of biased and unethical reporting

Nick Hytrek Journalist Sioux City Journal – Accused of Biased and Unethical Reporting

It has been alleged that Nick Hytrek, a Journalist with Sioux City Journal, is guilty of breaches in journalistic ethics when he filed a story containing conspicuous omissions of facts, and refused to correct or retract his errors, even when provided with court documents and evidence from diverse sources.

In his story titled “Lawsuit claims Sac County attorney abused power”, Nick Hytrek filed a one sided story, citing defamatory and fallacious allegations made by Ed Magedson, the owner of Rip Off Report, against the esteemed “bulldog prosecutor”, Ben Smith of Sac County Iowa. it is anticipated that Hytrek would justify  his unethical omissions from the story because the prosecutor declined to comment on the allegations. Notwithstanding, the Internet is replete with court documents, sworn testimony, and many mainstream news articles spanning over 14 years which reveal the character and personality of Ed Magedson, and his propensity to make false allegations to further his appalling business practices.

Nick Hytrek’s ethical breaches can be construed as either gross negligence or laziness at best, with respect to his due diligence and research, to political or other bias for undetermined motivations at worst.

Nick Hytrek was Provided with the following link to background information in court documentation that demonstrate that Ed Magedson is a vexatious litigant, demonstrates most if not all of the DSM-V criteria for “antisocial personality disorder”, and has team of lawyers and administrators who further his appalling business practices and general torment of the harassment targets.  Evidence and documentation

Nick Hytrek’s original story appeared here:

TWISTED FACTS: Journalist Andie Wolfe (AKA Andie Dominick) of Des Moines Register Called Out on Charges of Journalistic Ethics Breaches

In Poor Journalistic Ethics on August 8, 2014 at 7:03 am
Journalist Andie Wolfe & Deliberate Fallacious Reporting for the Des Moines Register Iowa

TWISTED FACTS: Journalist Andie Wolfe of Des Moines Register

ETHICS QUESTIONED: Andie Wolfe (a.k.a Andie Dominick), a 2014 Pulitzer Prize nominated Journalist with the Des Moines Register, is being scrutinized for journalistic ethics with respect to several editorial pieces.

The twisted facts were corrected shortly after by Ryan Foley, an Associated Press journalist.

Furthermore, another Iowa journalist alleged that Andie Wolfe “displayed willful indifference…” with respect to the twisted facts as presented in her sympathetic story for convicted murderer Tracey Richter.

The full Exposé is published here:

BUSTED: Journalist Andie Dominick – Deliberate Factual Inaccuracies Des Moines Register Iowa

Andie Wolfe’s story is tantamount to Criminal interference when taken in light of the criminal warrant issued shortly after she published the story. This warrant explains exactly why the telephone funds were taken from the prisoner.

Not the first time: In 2012 Journalist Andie Wolfe’s journalistic integrity was questioned by an independent Iowa publication.

If you or anyone you know has information relating to previous fallacious articles, for which Andie Wolfe was a contributor or author, contact this website administrator so your evidence can be considered.

Send information to: [email protected]

On the date the article was published, I sent an email to three editors for the Des Moines register asking who was responsible for the article. I received the following response:

I penned this editorial. You can contact me at this email or my cell is 515-745-3381.
Andie [Dominick]

 I then responded:

“Thanks for the prompt response Andie. No need for a call, I was just curious.”

To which she replied:

Editorials are the consensus opinion of a newspaper and revised/edited by others, including two editors. Yet one of us generally does most of the research and writing of an editorial.

I see some of the comments left on the editorial today. Our only interest in this is the procedures for confiscating all money of an inmate in an Iowa prison. State corrections officials have the authority to confiscate money, including telephone money. They have crafted a policy that they do not do that, but nothing in law appears to prohibit them from doing this. A county attorney pursuing an inmate struck us as odd, and that it was rare was confirmed by both corrections and a law professor.

Let me know if you need anything else.

FACILITATING CRIME: Peter J. Boyer Editor-At-Large Foxnews.Com False Harrasing Story to Persist Despite Criminal Warrant Proving Fox Source Is Criminal

In Fox News Ethics, Poor Journalistic Ethics on July 27, 2014 at 12:18 am
Peter J. Boyer Fox News Editor Facilitating Crime through inaction

Peter J. Boyer Fox News Editor Facilitating Crime through inaction

We regret to report that Peter J. Boyer, an editor with so much power at, will allow a damaging and clearly defamatory story to appear on page 1 of Google, even after a criminal warrant demonstrates that the only source for the story, was paid to lie to the Journalist Perry Chiaramonte. Fox News is effectively facilitating crimes by cooperating with the other named criminals.

Read the full story here:

Journalist Perry Chiaramonte May Face 25 Years in Prison if convicted of Witness Tampering through malicious and false news paper article.

The original false story is here:

Note the the story’s ONLY cited source is Darren M. Meade, who also faces 25 Years in Prison if convicted. The second uncited source, was Ed Magedson, owner of Ripoffreport.

Darren M. Meade, Ripoffreport's Paid Writer Indicted for Extortion and other crimes.

Darren M. Meade, Ripoffreport’s Paid Writer Indicted for Extortion and other crimes. Faces up to 25 Years in Prison if convicted

  1. Download the Criminal Warrant that details employee Darren Meade’s Witness Tampering and other crimes against Michael Roberts.
  2. Download actual indictment of Darren Meade
  3. Download Feb 2015 Filing the demonstrates BOTH Ed Magedson & Darren Meade’s witness tampering.

This brief interview shows what the prosecutor think of’s only source for the hatchet piece:

– See more at:

CAUGHT: Andie Dominick Journalist TWISTS FACTS for Des Moines Register “Hatchet Job” Iowa

In Internet defamation, Poor Journalistic Ethics on June 27, 2014 at 2:38 pm

Journalist Andie Dominick & Deliberate Fallacious Reporting for the Des Moines Register Iowa Andie Dominick, a 2014 Pulitzer Prize nominated Journalist with the Des Moines Register, is being scrutinized for journalistic ethics with respect to an editorial piece.

The fallacious facts were corrected shortly after by Ryan Foley, an Associated Press journalist.

Additionally, another  journalist from Northwest Iowa alleged that Andie Dominic “displayed willful indifference…” with respect to the twisted facts as presented in her story which gave a disturbing level of sympathy for convicted murderer Tracey Richter.

A PATTERN EMERGES: In 2012 Journalist Andie Dominick was called out by an independent news service for abuse of her editorial privilege, and for placing her 17yo son on the alter of public scrutiny for his alleged crimes.

The full Exposé is published here:

BUSTED: Journalist Andie Dominick – Deliberate Factual Inaccuracies Des Moines Register Iowa

Andie Dominick’s behavior has been described by some as criminal in light of the recently released criminal warrant.

CAUTION! Journalist Perry Chiaramonte Twitter Account Fox News

In Poor Journalistic Ethics on September 30, 2013 at 5:07 am
Reporter Perry Chiaramonte of Fox News

Reporter Perry Chiaramonte of Fox News

CAUTION!: Before contacting Journalist Perry Chiaramonte, you are urged to read the exposé of his tabloid style lies and twisting of truth. If he requests an interview, think twice:




Perry Chiaramonte on Twitter is @perrych

DISGRACEFUL: Fox News Journalist Perry Chiaramonte Conspires With Dirty Cop in Murder Witness Tampering Conspiracy

In Poor Journalistic Ethics on August 19, 2013 at 4:34 pm

For Immediate Release Jul 21, 2012

Ripoff Report Verified EnablerRe: Copyright DMCA challenge: The logo to the right has been modified and is used for the purposes of product criticism and analysis under the fair use doctrine. If you received a take down demand please send it to DMCA [at]

Perry Chiaramonte Fox News Journalist Ethic Breaches

Perry Chiaramonte Fox News Journalist Ethic Breaches

This brief six minute video explains the dynamics of my interview with FOX News journalist Perry Chiaramonte and his subsequent breaches in journalistic ethics.FOX News journalist Perry Chiaramonte of Fox News & New York Post published a story accusing me of criminal hacking on January 20th, 2012. The origins of the story are very convoluted, but in a nutshell the following facts to be sufficient to refute the allegations within a story:

  1. Perry Chiaramonte primary source was convicted criminal Darren M Meade who admitted under oath in a deposition to creating false press releases and publishing false allegations online to attack competitors. See: AUTHORIZED STATEMENT Response to Darren M Meade’s Allegations Against Rexxfield Founder Michael Roberts on and Elsewhere (Kairos-Meade)
  2. Video [29 seconds]: Darren M Meade describes with delight the torment caused to his previous Internet’s smear campaign victim.
  3. Darren M Meade attempted to extort me in October 2011, his succeeded in persuading Perry Chiaramonte to print fiction as fact is a testament to his criminal abilities to follow through with the threats when I did not pay the monies demanded of me.
  4. Perry Chiaramonte’s secondary source was convicted criminal and alleged extortionist, Ed Magedson,the owner of Xcentric Ventures, LLC which operates Ed Magedson’s motivation in disgracing me publicly was simply an attempt to discredit my research into the appalling business practices of his website has outlined in this video about
  5. Immediately after the defamatory article was published, Perry Chiaramonte was caught in an electronic sting operation communicating with Det. John B. Richter (Star No. 20768), of the Chicago Police Dept. Richter is the brother of Tracey, my ex-wife who is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for Murder in the First Degree. (Details in video)
  6. NEW DEVELOPMENT: Ed Magedson and Darren Meade are now attempting to assist my ex-wife in escaping her recent first-degree murder conviction. It is presumed this is to cause me for the torment because I had to fight so hard to obtain custody of my children for the last 10 years. My story was recently told by 60 minutes and can be viewed here. Ed Magedson Darren M Meade crossed a line and they began attempting to communicate directly with my minor children. I will now show no quarter.

— END Authorized Statement —

ESSENTIAL READING: Give Your Kids & Yourself An Intellectual Self Defense System Against Unethical Journalists & Liars>>


Fight back against the modern education system which creates slaves to what they read on the Internet & the mainstream media, rather than thinking for themselves. This book teaches teens & adults how to recognize twisted truth when they see it, and demolish arguments & false allegations of unethical journalists and liars is general.

Socratic Logic

Socratic Logic

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