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LIES & FAKE NEWS: Journalist Bill Lamb WDRB President & General Manager vs Gov. Matt Bevin

In Journalistic Accuracy, Poor Journalistic Ethics on July 15, 2017 at 3:19 am

LIES? Bill Lamb WDRB President Called Out as a Liar by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin tore anew one for News Manipulator Bill Lamb, WDRB President & General Manager. Gov. Bevin concluded that Journalist Bill Lamb is either (a) Not smart enough to understand what Gov. Bevin actually said, or (b) thinks that his news show listeners are not smart enough to realize that Bill Lamb is lying to them. I have adopted (b) as my own opinion.

Ethical Breach Journalist Bill Lamb WDRB/WMYO President & General Manager caught Lying

Gov. Matt Bevin Court journalist Bill Lam from WDRB in a boldfaced lie to his viewers recently.

I have no dog in this fight, in fact I live in Australia and had never heard of Gov. Bevin before today. But, I give this guy kudos. He was both gracious, and direct with the journalists. He gave some benefit of the doubt for their foolishness, but that grace in my view is not deserved. I watched some of the news articles and interviews with Gov. Bevin about his preannounced meetings about the power of prayer, and he made it unambiguously clear what should be expected with his announcement. Furthermore, he accurately predicted that he would be mocked and ridiculed for his ideas, and yet these unethical journalists still couldn’t resist the opportunity to twist the truth, despite a very clear warning that the reporting would likely come under intense scrutiny.

Even if you have no connection to Kentucky or the United States, I strongly urge you to watch this 12 minute video Where Gov. Bevin politely exposes the misdeeds of Journalist Bill Lamb, and others. It is a beautiful example of logic, rhetoric and granmma being used simply, and effectively to combat lies and expose those in a position of public responsibility, i.e. the media, who breach said responsibility because of their inability to set bias aside, and report accurately.

ETHICS WARNING: Edelman Australia PR Hires Controversial Editor Ben Naparstek as Content and Digital Director.

In Advertising Ethical Breaches, Professional Ethics on July 8, 2017 at 12:04 am

Edelman Australia’s Recruiting of Ben Naparstek as Online Content and Digital Director is Bad for Australian Consumers

Edelman Australia PR's Ben Naparstek Investigated by Licensed Private Detective.

Ben Naparstek of Edelman Australia PR has been a person of interest to a licensed private investigator, after the discovery of major violations of journalistic ethics.

Ben Naparstek of SBS has been a person of interest to a licensed private investigator, after the discovery of major violations of journalistic ethics.

Edelman Australia’s latest executive recruit, Ben Naparstek, has been praised for his meteoric surge through the Australian Press industry at a youthful age. Nonetheless, a serious look beyond the excitement exposes a murky history that demands more scrutiny. As a vocal Fifth Estate commentator and licensed private investigator, it is my opinion that Mr. Naparstek’s activities should be observed very carefully. I am concerned that the job description of  “Content and Digital Director”, as it is customarily used, is no more than a disguise for his not so obvious specialty,which is “PAGEVIEW BAITING “.

In the four years that I have been paying attention to Ben Naparstek’s work, I have noticed that he makes ample use of ‘editorial license’ to generate astounding headlines. These twisted truths are in my view questionable appeals to emotion used to bring people to his web-based content or “storytelling”, to quote Steve Spurr the CEO of Edelman Australia [ref]. How it works: The moment Mr. Naparstek has skillfully seized his online audience, his business monetize those “page

How it works: The moment Mr. Naparstek has seized his online audience, his employers monetize those page views; either through advertising banner impressions or “Pay-Per-Click” display advertisements. In my assessment, such cunning ploys fly in the face of generally accepted journalistic principles. It appears that Ben’s new job title is devoid of references to “editor” or “journalist” and clearly conveys a sales, marketing and “spin” title. Because of this, Naparstek is now more likely to be under the watch of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (, which holds far more disciplinary authority than his previous watchdog, the Australian Press Council and its peer review process.

How To Report Ben Naparstek to ACCC for Misleading or Unconscionable Conduct.

The ACCC is Australia’s peak consumer protection and competition agency. The ACCC is an independent statutory government authority serving the public interest. Most of the ACCC’s enforcement work is performed within the provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the Act).

I have no beef with Edelman Australia, besides their hiring of Ben Naparstek. Nonetheless, I would certainly invite Australian consumers to carefully study the “public relations” or advertising activities of Ben Naparstek and Edelman Australia. If you believe that their actions can be reasonably considered to be in violation of Australian Consumer Laws, you can file a complaint by way of the following link:

Respectfully submitted by,
Michael Roberts
Licensed Private Investigator & Journalist

SHAME: Evan Moorhead Resorts to Despicable Smear Campaign in Brisbane

In Political Smear Campaigns on March 5, 2016 at 12:36 pm
Evan Moorhead ALP Labour Party Despicable Smear Campaign Tactics

Evan Moorhead ALP Brisbane Labour Party Despicable Smear Campaign Tactics

I’ve been out of Australia for almost 20 years, is wonderful to be back. However, I was disgusted to find Evan Moorhead’s junk mail in my letter box, despite the unambiguous “NO JUNK MAIL” sign above the slot. It is probably the most despicable act of blatant political smear campaigning I have ever seen firsthand, and so close to home.

On the front of this postcard, there is a head shot of a man who I am assuming is “Graham Quirk”, and the following text:

“What has Graeme Quirk done to ease congestion?”

On the flip-side of the postcard, it reads as follows:

“After five years as Lord Mayor what has Graeme Quirk done to his congestion?

  1. Cut $20 million from buses and ferries.
  2. Committed $650 million for a Kingsford Smith upgrade that will save 60 seconds in travel time. (City projects office – BCC)
  3. Not sure yet
  4. Still thinking about this one
  5. Give him a few minutes”

I’m tempted to leave this post to speak for itself, any thinking person who reads this rhetorical bluster will see that is replete with intellectually dishonest content, including the following:

The question “What has Graeme Quirk done to ease congestion?” is not an honest question, it is a dishonest premise for dishonest  and unsupported conclusions. For a start, there were only two answers offered, but I’m sure there are many more answers to the question, some good, and some likely bad, the logical fallacy used here is called ‘Cherry Picking’. But rather than answering the question honestly, 60% of the space reserved to print answers, was used for incredibly childish hyperbole.

Junk-mailWhen I first read the post card, I had to read it over several more times, because I could not grasp these three lines of text meant.  The reason that I did not get it was because I thought I was reading a brochure, that had been written by a grown up! Then the pin dropped, this grown-up politician was recycling cliché-insults, directly from ninth-grade banter in a school playground. Not just one jab, but three of them in a row.

All three of these answers are really poor disguises for the logical fallacy of  “Thought Terminating Cliché”.  The quotes “Not sure yet”, “still thinking about this one”, andGive him a few minutes”, are apparently the fruit of Evan Moorhead’s  heart and intellect. He is trying to convey the message that “Graham Quirk is an idiot”.  As I sit here and write my response, I can actually see in my minds eye, Evan Morehead sitting behind his keyboard and chuckling as he relives with pride, some pathetic victory he had many years ago, over some skinny, introverted and awkward kid in high school.  What makes this image worse is that other members of his party approved the printing and delivery expense. I am sure all of them where high fiving, beer ponging and chuckle along with Evan. Please, grow up! and you want us to entrust our beautiful city to you?

Side note: Am I slipping into hypocrisy with these last few sentences? I am cringing with anger at this politician who I’ve never heard of before.

Mr. Evan Moorhead, as grandson of a great former Brisbane Lord Mayor, Frank Edward Roberts, who was also a Labour Party champion, you disgust me.

DISCLOSURE: until I received this postcard and did some research, I had no idea who Evan Moorhead  or Graham Quirk were (apparently the latter is our Lord Mayor?), or to which parties they were affiliated, if any. I have not voted in the 20 years since I’ve been abroad, if this is the state of Brisbane politics, and if I’m legally obligated to vote, then I will probably need to take a shower afterwards. I’m not a member of any political party, and my leaning is normally towards rational independents who demonstrate restraint in their speech, love in their heart, and the best interests of individual constituents, as opposed to a Party, lobbyists, or for that matter The State.  Furthermore, to my knowledge I’ve never read or heard any political statements from Graeme Quirk, Maybe he is just as bad as Moorhead? I would urge readers to thoroughly research any candidate for whom they are considering for their valuable vote. Furthermore, it would be a mistake to think that by criticizing Evan Moorhead, I’m endorsing Graeme Quirk. On the contrary, I am endorsing critical thinking, and developing a strong, intellectual self-defense system to protect you and your children against mainstream media, manipulated search engine results, and any individual or organization who would try to manipulate you, or your vote, with their disingenuous words.

HALF-COCKED: Dr Andrés Guadamuz of University of Sussex Technollama Blunder

In Academic Ethics & Breaches, Entitlement Disorders, Poor Education, Uncategorized on February 22, 2016 at 11:30 pm

The Impulsive Folly of Prof. Andrés Guadamuz of Technollama

UPDATE: 12 Mar 2016  Dr. Janice Duffy responds to Prof. Guadamuz’s punditry

Technollama's DR Andréa Guadamuz reveals his true nature in a heartless commentary about a bullying survivor.Dr Andrés Guadamuz, a senior lecturer in intellectual property law for University of Sussex has picked a fight without really thinking about the consequences. In a series of  actions that can only be described as “drive-by punditry”, in this era of poor impulse control, and tweeting or blogging before the brain is in gear, Andrés Guadamuz may become the poster child for this new phenomena.

People who have problems thinking before tweeting, are much like angry drivers who think that no one they know is looking, their poor impulse control can reveal their true nature. Reasonable people will often concede to a more aggressive driver, not because they are weak, but because they are wise. Likewise, those who struggle with mental conditions such as inflated ego, entitlement complexes, and narcissistic or sociopathic personality disorders, will often manifest in traffic in disturbing ways. So too with ignorant and arrogant social networking users who tweet half-cocked.

Technollama Endangered Species - Dr Andres Guadamuz of University of Sussex

Technollama Endangered Species – Dr Andres Guadamuz of University of Sussex finds out what happens when a Llama kicks a Tiger in the Tail.

The full account of the rants of Technollama’s Dr Andres Guadamuz, of University of Sussex, and the subsequent justification of his actions, are detailed by the fellow academic he attacked, Dr Janice Duffy, in here Authorized Statement in response to his punditry.

SPAMMERS: Crystal Training St. Louis MO Excel & Quickbooks Classes BEWARE

In Advertising Ethical Breaches on February 11, 2016 at 3:17 pm

WARNING: Crystal Training St. Louis MO offers Excel & Quickbooks Training by SPAMMING random fax numbers within the cities they are trying to penetrate.

Suggested action: Do not do business with companies who waste paper, and employees time by spamming faxes like confetti, in the hope that one in 100,000 recipients might not yet know how to use Quickbooks and Microsoft Excel.

If you do the math, assuming it takes each recipient 10 seconds to read and trash the Crystal Training St. Louis MO spam, and if there are 100,000 spam faxes sent, then Crystal Training wasted over 2,777 hours of productivity, stolen right out from under the American GDP.

SPAMMERS: Crystal Training St. Louis MO Excel & Quickbooks Classes

SPAMMERS: Crystal Training St. Louis MO Excel & Quickbooks Classes

Crystal Training St. Louis MO Excel & Quickbooks Classes BEWARE

LinkedIn SPAMMER: Vivek Shah CEO Health Insurance Spam

In Advertising Ethical Breaches on August 12, 2015 at 3:52 pm

I received the following unsolicited email spam which is in direct breach of LinkedIn’s terms of service. I responded and asked where they obtained my contact information, they responded as follows:

Hi Michael –

We got your info through Linkedin
. If you prefer not to be contacted, we can remove you from our mailing list.


Direct: 888.584.9220

Original spam message:

—begin excerpt—
11 Aug, 2015
Vivek Shah <>
[[redacted]] SimplyInsured

Hi Michael – hoping to reach the person who looks after health insurance at Rexxfield? Because chances are you’re probably throwing away $500-1000 per employee per year. That’s how much we save our clients on average.

We know every US healthcare plan there is and we can match your needs to the best possible rate.

We’ll also manage changes painlessly when laws/regulations change, to keep you up to date with compliance.

If it makes sense to talk, do you have 10 minutes in the next few days?

If not, who do you recommend I speak with?

Vivek Shah
Phone: 888.584.9220

Hassle-Free Health Insurance.

BAD NEWS: SBS Hires Controversial Editor Ben Naparstek After Funding Cuts

In Poor Journalistic Ethics on July 27, 2015 at 7:59 pm

SBS’s Appointment of Ben Naparstek as Online Editor is Bad for Australia

SBS' Ben Naparstek scrutinized by licensed private investigator

Ben Naparstek of SBS is a subject of intense scrutiny by licensed private investigator, after disclosure of serious breaches in editorial ethics.

SBS’s new editor, Ben Naparstek, has been praised for his meteoric rise through Australian media at a very young age. Notwithstanding, a brief look through the fanfare reveals a murky past that demands more scrutiny. As a vocal 5th Estate journalist and licensed private investigator, it is my considered opinion that young Mr. Naparstek is unworthy of the accolades he has received, for the simple reason that the title of “Editor”, as it is customarily used, is nothing more than a disguise for his not so obvious specialty, namely,  “PAGEVIEW JOURNALISM“.

In the two years that I have been observing Naparstek closely, I have seen that he uses his editorial license to generate sensational headlines. These twisted truths are tantamount to bait-and-switch tactics, used to bring readers to his online “stories”. Once the audience has been captured, his employers monetize those “page views”, either through advertising banner impressions and/or “Pay-Per-Click” display ads. Such insidious tactics would not fit with, or benefit SBS’s traditional funding model. However, Malcolm Turnbull, the Federal Communications Minister, recently revealed that SBS has asked to have its advertising restrictions lifted following millions in funding cuts. This should be cause for great concern to the Australian public, who would otherwise expect unbiased and honest journalism from ABC and SBS ($BS ?). Even more so with the likes of Ben Naparstek at the helm of online Editorial content for

Editorial Ethics Alert: Ben Naparstek Of Fairfax Media

Editorial Ethics Alert: Ben Naparstek of SBS is scrutinized by journalist & Licensed Private Investigator Michael Roberts

Here are a few excerpts on the story about Turnbull from November last year:

Mr Turnbull said the government will introduce legislation to parliament in 2015 to amend the SBS Act 1991 that would allow the broadcaster to change its advertising arrangements.”


A legislative change to allow SBS to generate further revenue by changing its advertising arrangements will bring the total savings returned to the budget to $53.7 million or 3.7 per cent,” he said.​”


Tell Your Story:

If you have been a victim of fallacious journalism or “hatchet-jobs”, we want to hear from you. You have a right-of-reply, we’ll help you get it.

CALLOUS: Mark Jeftovic CEO easyDNS Reviews Willful Blindness and Defamation

In Internet defamation, ISP Ethics on July 26, 2015 at 8:18 am
let_it_be_knownMark Jeftovic CEO of easyDNS appears to have taken a position that is diametrically opposite to that of the Good Samaritan. His company seems to have taken a position of Willful Blindness (sometimes called ignorance of law, willful ignorance or contrived ignorance or Nelsonian knowledge). This is a legal term used which describes a scenario in which a person tries to avoid civil, criminal, or in this case moral liability, for a wrongful act, by intentionally putting him or herself in a position, where he or she can claim to be unaware of facts that would render him or her culpable.
We take issue with the following excerpt from Mark Jeftovic of’s June 19, 2015 post:
Mark Jeftovic CEO of easyDNS Reviews  provides platform for defamation while turning a blind eye to the plight of victims.

CALLOUS: Mark Jeftovic CEO of easyDNS Reviews provides platform for defamation while turning a blind eye to the plight of victims.

“If litigants want to pursue specific [easyDNS] customers they will always be better served to leave the ISPs and the vendors out of it, that way they can truly sit where they belong – as impartial observers on the sidelines awaiting a legal decision one way or the other.”

.– See more at:

Whereas, notwithstanding the legal immunity provisions for Internet service providers, easyDNS IS NOT an “…impartial observers on the sidelines”. When Mark Jeftovic and continues to knowingly provide, after notification, a publication platform for defamation and harassment, it they are most certainly morally culpable. The United Nations International Bill of Human Rights, Article 12 states:
“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”
It is this investigator’s opinion that Mark Jeftovic’s, as Internet service provider and host for allegedly defamatory material, did knowingly and actively subject Mr. Andy Lehrer to ongoing personal injury in the form of defamation, and that their inaction with respect to investigating, and terminating the services causing Mr.  Lahrer’s injuries, constitutes active conspiracy with, and furtherance of the antagonist’s word-crimes.

But, there are also kudos for Mark Jeftovic of


WikiLeaks_logoIssue is taken above because, in my opinion, the ongoing publication of the alleged defamation against Andy Lehrer does not serve the public interest. It would be remiss of me not to also point out a balancing praiseworthy decision made by Mark Jeftovic of Namely, his decision to help enable the ongoing availability of WikiLeaks after one of his competitors pulled the plug on the site. No doubt, this decision is supported by many, including myself, who see the benefits of intense scrutiny of secrets that work against humanity’s best interests, and it will also be condemned by those who have deeply held superstitions about the trustworthiness of the authorities to make decisions on our behalf.
The original Lehrer post, as captured 26 June, 2015 is below, this is republished under the fair use copyright doctrine for criticism, education etc:
Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.36.47 am’s Ethan Cooper Helps Reduce Forex Scams – Fortress FX Fund

In FOREX Scams on July 19, 2015 at 5:32 pm

Retail Forex traders have been the victims of scams designed to steal their money since Forex trading became available with the popular advent of online trading around the year 2000.  Until recent years, Forex trading was largely unregulated, which facilitated an influx of unlicensed amateurs and scammers with an aim toward misleading prospective investors into falling prey to their scams.

The Forex market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. It is also an extremely lucrative investment opportunity that can produce aggressive returns uncorrelated to traditional investment vehicles.  Despite the legitimacy of the Forex market and the unprecedented opportunity for retail traders to enjoy aggressive profitability with limited downside risk when having their funds managed by a professional, retail traders far too often fall prey to Forex scams and as a result lose money.

Ethan Cooper, Managing Director of the institutional asset management firm Fortress FX Fund / Launches New Tool

It is for this reason that Ethan Cooper, Managing Director of the institutional asset management firm Fortress Fund (@fortressfxfund), has recently launched his private institutional quality Forex Managed Account program to the retail public.   Ethan Cooper has done so in an effort to provide retail Forex traders and investors, who are too often scammed by amateurs and scammers preying on low- deposit investors, with the same opportunities as wealthier professional and institutional clients.  He’s done so in an effort to capitalize on the need of retail Forex investors to find professional, successful and legitimate managed account programs with whom to place their funds.

Ethan first recognized the demand of retail Forex traders to enjoy legitimate, professional managed investments in the Forex markets was being unmet with reviewing Forex Scam Reviews.  Ethan found that virtually every program in existence targeting and catering to low deposit retail investors would eventually lose all of their client funds (even if they were successful over short-term periods of time) as a result of either (a) unsatisfactory, amateur risk management structures; (b) so-called “Account Managers” that simply copy trade signals from other amateur retail traders on social trading and signal copy websites; and (c) outright scams designed to steal client funds.

As a result, Ethan Cooper and Fortress Fund ( are positioning themselves as a pioneer in the Forex Managed Account industry by offering their successful and proven institutional quality proprietary fund management services to retail traders with minimum funding deposits as low as $3,000 USD.  Never before has an institutional asset management firm, previously reserved only for large institutional clients, hedge funds, asset allocators, and high net worth private individuals, offered its services to the general retail public.

They are doing so in order to provide a much needed solution to the Forex Scams prevalent in the retail industry and provide these clients with legitimate fund management services aimed toward lifting their new retail clientele toward reaching their long-term investment goals.

APPALLING: Professor Sara Goldrick-Rab Uses Logical Fallacies to Disguise Her Political Bias – University of Wisconsin

In Logical Fallacies, Poor Education on July 16, 2015 at 8:06 pm

SHUT-UP & TEACH: Professor Sara Goldrick-Rab Squeezes in 8 Logical Fallacies into a Single Tweet.

Education Policy and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

Professor Sara Goldrick-Rab Embarrasses the University of Wisconsin

Professor Sara Goldrick-Rab Embarrasses the University of Wisconsin

Professor Sara Goldrick-Rab embarrassed herself and her institution by way of her poor impulse control and her twitter account. In 140 characters or less, she was able to use no less than eight (8) logical fallacies as evidenced by the following:

“My grandfather, a psychologist”

15 authority(1) Logical fallacy: “Appeal to Authority”

An Appeal to Authority is a fallacy with the following form: Person A is (claimed to be) an authority on subject S (psychology). Person A makes claim C about subject S. Therefore, C is true.

“…similarities between Walker and Hitler”

03 appeal to emotion(2) Logical fallacy: Appeal to Emotion

An Appeal to Emotion or argumentum ad passiones is a logical fallacy characterized by the manipulation of the recipient’s emotions in order to win an argument, especially in the absence of factual evidence


(3) Logical fallacy: Thought-Terminating Cliché

A commonly used phrase, sometimes passing as folk wisdom, used to quell cognitive dissonance. they can be safely assumed that the term “Hitler” is often used as a drive-by insult by intellectually dishonest people, who don’t want to backup their allegations with substance.

06 ad hom(4) Logical fallacy: Ad Hominem

Short for argumentum ad hominem, it means responding to arguments by attacking the politician’s character, rather than his policies. When used inappropriately, it is a fallacy in which a claim or argument is dismissed on the basis of some irrelevant fact or supposition about the person being criticized.

“…similarities between Walker and Hitler. There are so many…”

16 composition(5) Logical fallacy: Fallacy of Composition

The fallacy of composition arises when one infers that something is true of the whole from the fact that it is true of some part of the whole. i.e. “Hitler had two leg, Walker has two legs, Walker is Hitler reincarnated”


texas-sharpshooter(6) Logical fallacy: Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy

The Texas sharpshooter fallacy is an informal fallacy which is committed when differences in data are ignored, but similarities are stressed. “There are so many similarities!”

“…it’s terrifying”

03 appeal to emotion(7) Logical fallacy: Appeal to Emotion

(8) Logical fallacy: Thought-Terminating Cliché