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CRIME: Venki Nishtala CTO of Extortion Website Facilitator

In Poor Corporate Ethics, Sociopaths on July 15, 2014 at 10:57 pm
Venki Nishtala CTO India

Venki Nishtala CTO India

Warning: Venki Nishtala of India Ltd. is knowingly facilitating crimes from his base in India against USA citizens and globally.

He is allowing user name “Ripoff” to post videos, with full knowledge that the videos constitute crimes as follows:

Witness Tampering, an Aggravated Misdemeanour (IOWA CODE § 720.4), Facilitation of A Criminal Network By Attempting To Induce A Witness” Class “B” Felony. IOWA CODE § 706A.2 (2013)

Venki Nishtala has been notified by phone and by email, he hangs up the calls, and does not respond to emails. Interpol has been alerted and we hope that he will be arrested soon for conspiracy in these crimes.

[Download the criminal warrant here]


Venki Nishtala India Ltd.
1st fl, Mahalaxmi Engg Estate, Mahim
Mumbai Maharashtra 400016
Phone: +1.912224449144
Fax: +1.912224455346

ACCUSED: Zeinal Bava, CEO Allows Crimes Through Web Servers

In Crime-Reports, Internet defamation, Poor Corporate Ethics, Sociopaths on July 7, 2014 at 3:24 pm
Zeinal Bava, CEO Facilitates Crime

CEO of, Zeinal Bava, is permitting crimes through the Website services.’s antisocial corporate response to victims’ anguish  leaves them helpless and distressed, when all Bava needs to do is direct his support team to click “Delete” for the criminal publications. In addition to the emotional anguish is causing, their support team has blatantly lied to the victims, asserting that the only way the criminal harassment web pages can be deleted, is with a court order from Portugal. For the victims this is simply not possible, they do not live in Portugal, and certainly cannot affor to hire a Portuguese lawyer as they have been almost bankrupted by hundreds of harassment cases. Thankfully, many other websites have removed the criminal pages, unlike’s coldheartedness.

July 07, 2014 Lisbon, Portugal
Reference: [PT Internal Support Reference #201406003856]

ETHICS ALERT: Henrique Granadeiro, CEO Portugal Telecom SGPS SA “PT”

In Internet defamation, Poor Corporate Ethics, Sociopaths on June 28, 2014 at 1:53 pm
Henrique Granadeiro CEO Portugal Telecom SGPS SA PTCEO of Portugal Telecom SGPS SA, Henrique Granadeiro, is allowing criminal harassment through the PT Web hosting services. Victims of Henrique Granadeiro‘s antisocial business ethics toward the torment of Portugal Telecom’s harassment victims are unable to find escape from their anguish.
Reference: [PT Internal Support Reference #201406003856]

Lashonda Lee Williams should only threatem to kill white people if she plans on changing her name to “Jane Smith”.

In Sociopaths on June 5, 2014 at 1:41 pm
Lashonda Lee Williams

Lashonda Lee Williams

Google has a very long memory, and people with unique or rare names should think twice before doing something silly.

Lashonda Lee Williams allegedly responded to another passenger request to turn off her phone in flight with “I Kill White People Like You” and then added that she would follow her upon reaching Houston “and find out where you live”.

Reade the whole story:

There are a lot of disturbing comments in the above article,  it might be prudent not to condemn the woman so quickly for our actions, no matter how inexcusable they may be. Keep in mind that we do not know her life, her experiences, her injuries, or a treatment growing up. It’s easy to judge from lofty towers.

This free eBook is a great resource if you have problems judging:

Dealing with Difficult People

NEW EVIDENCE: Earl Hardisty Knows Tracey Richter Murdered Dustin Wehde

In Attorney Ethics, Justice Denied, Sociopaths on December 22, 2013 at 7:51 pm
SECRET AUDIO RECORDING – Earl Hardisty, ex-county attorney reveals there was no evidence for second intruder, he never believe Tracey’s story.
I had not intended to release this audio recording from March 22, 2004. However, Tracey Richter’s mother Anna Richter maintains that her fantastic argument for her daughter’s innocence is supported by the previous County Attorney, Earl Hardisty, who she says believes Tracey is innocent.

The recording was made in a meeting between myself (Michael Roberts), ex-County Attorney Earl Hardisty and Sheriff Ken McClure. This was made shortly after I decided to file for divorce, BUT I still wasn’t convinced of Tracey’s guilt. I first realized that Tracey Richter murdered Dustin Wehde during this meeting, I was so shocked by what they told me, I had to step out of the room. Evidently, the investigators thought I was protecting Tracey while we were married and later told me later that “we knew the case wouldn’t break until your marriage broke”.

Click to listen or download 2004 Recording Earl Hardisty, Sheriff Ken McClure and Michael Roberts

If Earl Hardisty really says that Tracey is innocent, I believe it is only to cover for the embarrassment of sitting on his hands for 10 years while Dustin’s family grieved. Keep in mind, Hardisty was an 8-year incumbent and was ousted by Sac County voters in favor of another attorney– from his own party! That in itself speaks volumes about the communities confidence in Hardisty’s abilities.

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